We’re in! But let’s go back a bit…

If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we moved into our house on December 23. We made it by Christmas – hooray! In hindsight it was probably a bit silly being so obsessed with being in by Christmas, because it’s just one day and it did put a lot of pressure on everyone. Not that I’m admitting you were right Mum! But it wasn’t just Christmas day that added the pressure, it was the fact that all builders and tradies shut shop for a few weeks from Dec 24, so whatever didn’t get finished by then would have to wait. So that made the last week feel very much like a Block week, which I enjoyed but my site manager hated!

So we did make it, with everything but the garden finished (which I’ll get to later.) But with everything being so crazy with the packing and the moving I got a bit behind on this blog. However I do want to document the whole build and have you follow the process with me, so I’m going to back date a little bit and pick up where we left off….

The last thing I wrote about was our Alby Turner and Sons custom joinery and if you thought I loved it then it was nothing on how I feel about it now we’re in the house. The storage is a dream and it all looks absolutely stunning. But there’s another thing that looks stunning and every person that comes to the house comments on and that’s the floors.

I got both my floorboards and carpet through Choices Flooring in Keswick and the owner Bruno and his staff were so friendly and helpful to deal with right from the start. I always knew I was going to have timber floorboards because for me you can’t beat the warmth and character that floorboards bring. I also knew I wanted an oak colour because it suited the Hamptons style I was going for and complemented the tone of the sandstone fireplace perfectly. So it was just a matter of choosing which product. Bruno showed me one straight away that has been really popular for them and there was no doubt that it was the right one. How easy was that!

It was the Plantino Oak “Naturale” by Embleton. I loved the natural look of the woodgrain as well as the matt finish, which I hoped would be very forgiving with kids and a puppy. I knew it looked perfect as soon as it was installed, it had exactly the right character for the house. And I am happy to say I was so right about it being forgiving – it’s awesome! It doesn’t show any dust or potential scratches like shiny floors do so it’s so great for a family home. So I’m thrilled with that decision.


The other thing I had to choose is the carpet, but I was less sure on that one. I have never put carpet in any houses before so it was new to me, so I had to research what carpets are on trend, what style I wanted and which colour to go with. Again I took Bruno’s advice and he pointed me straight towards the carpet he has in his own house, the Habitat Collection Inscape series. I have to say, it’s the thickest and softest carpet I have ever walked on! Even my site manager said he had never seen carpet that thick, so it’s pretty lush. I tossed and turned about the colour before going with the Buttery tone. I knew that one worked the best with the house, but being so light it was a risky choice for kids bedrooms. So in the end my mum suggested I only get carpet in the main bedroom and stay with floorboards and rugs in the kids rooms. Particularly because their hallway opens up to the deck and pool, so there is absolutely no way that carpet was not going to get dirty. So that’s what I did! I went with the gorgeous colour I loved, but I kept it in our room only. And I keep the door shut so the puppy can’t get in there!


I have to say though, when it was installed the kids were very jealous that they didn’t have it in their rooms.  As you can see they loved it’s softness as well! But I’m so glad I didn’t put it in there because it took me a week before I could walk on it in just my room without feeling nervous! But I’m over that now and I couldn’t love it more.


And both the timber and carpet is complimented by everyone who walks in the door, so I am so happy with my choices. So if you’re looking make sure you check out these products. And if you’re in Adelaide go and say hi to Bruno at the Choices Flooring Keswick store, he loves a chat!

More updates very soon.

Amity x


  1. says

    So glad you’re thrilled with your choices and loving your new home (it’s stunning!)
    I’ve just been doing flooring selections and want engineered timber but sales consultants all keep steering me to laminate! Yes I have 3 rough kids and I know laminate would be less maintenance (and less cost) but I’m still not convinced.
    You’re making me think I should stick to my guns

    • Amity says

      Hi Tash, I think the laminates these days are extremely impressive and if I was doing up a rental or beach house I would definitely go with them. But for your own home, if you can afford it I would go for the engineered timber. And as I said I think the Plantino is going to withstand rough kids beautifully! Good luck with your house. :)

  2. Vicky says

    Hi Amity, I have absolutely loved following you on your new house journey. I love your style as I did on The Block. How many square metres is your house and now that you are in, is there anything you would have done differently?

    • Amity says

      Hi Vicky, it’s about 320sqm including the deck. I’m actually going to write a post about things I’d change if I did it again and things I love. Luckily there’s nothing much I would change at this stage! There is a lot of white, which is going to require a lot of cleaning, but I love how it looks so much I wouldn’t change it. Yet! Maybe ask me again in 12 months and see what I see then!

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