We have a slab!

Today was the day we have been looking forward to for a LONG time. Our slab was poured! This is such a milestone in the process and something we have being planning for the last year and dreaming about for the last decade.

Before this could happen the block had to be leveled, which was a little more complicated because our block slopes upwards and the difference between the street level and the back of the block is almost a metre. It doesn’t look like that much and we had already allowed for the slope by designing the house to be raised at the front and end up level at the back, but we will still need a retaining wall in the backyard at some point.


By the end of last week the block was leveled, the sand was poured and the trenches were dug.


I am so enjoying watching the process and know we are going to have such a wonderful sense of ownership and history with the house, having seen it come together step by step. It’s like making a weatherboard baby! I love that the kids have been a part of it too. I still remember our house being built when I was a kid, and maybe that’s where I got my love for it. Actually, I also remember going to a lot of carpet shops with my mum and being bored witless, so maybe that’s why I have been opposed to carpet until now!


I had to share this shot of my dad and his mates working on our build in 1988. How 80’s tragic are the shorts and terry-toweling hats?!


Our kids sharing the excitement about our build. Poppy had just been to fairy ballet, she doesn’t normally dress like this. Actually, that’s not true, some days she does.


Then today the first official step in the building process took place, with the slab being poured. It wasn’t the best of conditions, as you can see. It was cold, wet and muddy, but nothing was going to stop us being there!


Of course Phil had to be involved and our Scott Salisbury Homes site manager Thomas agreed to let him be his trainee. He did say that trainees had to start by washing the shovels, but Phil wasn’t overly excited about that!


He thought the concrete pump was more his style and the concretors very generously let him have a go. However I stayed out of the way for fear of him pointing it in the wrong direction!

I have been told it’s a rite of passage we have a slab party, so stay tuned for that one! I’ve also been told that the slab will look smaller than we expected, which it definitely did. But it’s so great to see where things will go and feel it taking shape. I can’t wait for it to dry so we can walk on it and show the kids were their rooms will be. But in this weather, that may take a while…


Amity x





  1. Jakki says

    Congratulations!! Very exciting day for you all!
    I can’t wait for that day with us! Hurry up council approval!

    • Amity says

      Getting council approval is such a great feeling. Hopefully yours doesn’t take too much longer. Good luck!

  2. duncan says

    I hepled some guys remove some plants and things from nextdoor on sat 2/5/15 and the mulcher went goble goble to it all. Yay 20$ in my pocket. I love gardening. Where are you going to live and can we be friends on Facebook. Please

  3. Christiann says

    SO exciting! Yes, you must celebrate on your slab! We built 10 years ago and had a picnic lunch on our slab with a checkered rug and plastic champagne ‘glasses’! I still lve looking at the photos we took.

  4. Nicole says

    You had me at weatherboard, I cannot wait to see the progress, and what a dream having Scott Salisbury Homes build it for you I’ve admired their homes for a long time!! We had to sell our beautiful home we built cause i couldn’t work for 7 years but we hope to built another one day and weatherboard would be the dream!!
    Good Luck with it all guys

    • Amity says

      Nicole, building with Scott Salisbury Homes has been a dream of mine too and they are already exceeding my expectations in terms of client service. So hopefully you get your weatherboard dream one day too!

  5. Helen says

    Wow, the dream is finally coming true!
    Well done on reaching this milestone, it will indeed be a memorable one for you and your children for years to come!
    And, not to mention a fabulous Mother’s Day gift!!
    Wishing you smooth sailing in the build ahead.

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