Things are going to go wrong

Things are moving really quickly now and it’s so great to see visual changes every day. Still not as fast as The Block, but I’m realising more and more how crazy that was. Doing bathrooms and kitchens in a week is insane!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.51.27 pm

Everyone was always working on top of each other to get to deadline….

And when you go that quickly things are bound to go wrong. But really, there’s probably never been a build anytime, ever, where at least one thing hasn’t wrong. It’s the nature of building. And we’ve been no exception, with a few minor set backs over the last week. Just the kind of minor but annoying set back that’s to be expected in a build, but that you’d get a whole nights drama from on The Block. You know what I mean, the dramatic music would play underneath, Keith would come to visit and shake his head and Scotty would do his serious voice-over while they did a close up of my worried face! Sadly for my theatrical self there is no dramatic music or Scotty voice-overs when things go wrong on a real build. And having a minor set back is certainly not the disaster it is when you only have a week to present a room. It is annoying when things get held up, because that often results in a flow on effect where other things fall behind, but it’s not the epic drama it is when every day counts.

But the reality with things going wrong is this; no company, or builder, or tradie, or human is ever going to get things right 100% of the time. People make mistakes. But it’s how you deal with those mistakes that shows how good you are at what you do. It’s how quickly you rectify it and minimize the fall out that impresses me, and in every instance this week that happened. Actually, it happened on The Block too, but they gloss over how quickly you fix things. They want the drama of the mistakes, because stuff going right is boring to watch!

Anyway, everything is back on track now and we’ve already caught up on time. All the external timber is finished and ready to be painted and the deck is done and ready for the outdoor kitchen. Our carpenter Mark Burns and his sons did an outstanding job, their workmanship and quality to detail was second to none. Mark may have been a man of few words, but his work speaks in spades and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.


I love the detail of the verandah balustrade.


Plenty of space for the outdoor furniture!


Internally the bathroom cabinets have gone in and the tiling is underway and I am in love with the bathrooms already!


I’m going to resist posting pics other than this little teaser until they’re finished, because I don’t want to ruin the reveal (now who sounds like a TV producer!) but I know you’re going to love them as much as I do. I was inspired by the American bathrooms I see on Pinterest which are classic and elegant so hopefully mine has the same timeless style.

We’ve also got our laundry cupboards in (complete with more storage than I have in our entire current house) and our own puppy palace! When we told our joinery designer at Alby Turner and Sons Kitchens that we’d like to incorporate a space for the puppy we were getting she sent me this pic she found online and asked if i meant something like that.


Um, yes!!! So she drew it up and now our puppy has her own little space (that she is forbidden to chew!) We’ve even designed a removable food and water bowl ledge and I’ve bought a bed to go in there that matches our splashback tiles. OTT, possibly, but if our rooms will be well styled why shouldn’t our dog have the same?!


The beginnings of puppy palace. We just need a bed and some wicker baskets (and for the outdoor fence to be replaced!)

Our puppy arrives in five days and to say the kids are excited would be an understatement. I think they’re more excited than Christmas. She is definitely going to be very loved. And I am going to spend the next few weeks training a puppy while managing this build. Are you getting the picture that I tend to bite off more than I can chew?! That’s one thing the puppy and I will have in common – she just better not bite anything off of my joinery! ;)

More soon…xx


  1. Renee says

    Your taste is just amazing, your house just comes together beautifully. I’ve never really appreciated how hard it is to pull a home together until we started renovating. So many decisions! Is your deck Spotted Gum? We are deciding which timber to go for outside deck and are considering it

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