The Floorplan

I was so thrilled with the response to our house design on Friday! I was pretty sure you’d all love it, but was so excited to read all the comments and know that I’m not alone in thinking it’s going to be gorgeous. I just can’t wait to see it start to come to life….

So as promised, here’s the floor plan, designed by us together with Scott Salisbury Homes.


Like the exterior design I spent a lot of time thinking about the floor plan, making sure it suited our needs perfectly, but was also going to be appealing if and when we decide to sell the house. I wanted it to be right for our family now, but also to work for us in five and ten years time. Our kids will be nine and five when we move in, but they will be teenagers before we know it (agh!) so we wanted to make sure the layout suited us then as well.

Originally Phil and I thought it would be nice to have our master bedroom at the back of the house, over looking the pool. We imagined opening the french doors up to the backyard and being able to sit outside our room and overlook the garden, a nice glass of wine in hand….Which all sounded lovely, when the kids are still young enough to go to bed early and give us some time out. But when  they are teenagers and want to have their friends over for a swim, well then we don’t want our bedroom over looking the backyard, we want it as far away as possible!

So we moved our bedroom and living areas to the front of the house and the kids bedrooms and living areas to the back. It’s kind of like the kids have their own wing! Originally there was a big gum tree in the backyard we had to work around, which is why the back is an L shape. But once we got approval to knock that tree down (much to my relief, it was too big and potentially dangerous if it dropped a branch) we decided to keep the shape because it worked so well. I like it being different to a square box and I like that we will use different areas for different things.

So as you walk in you have the master bedroom, WIR and ensuite on your right. In our current house we don’t have a WIR or an ensuite, so this is cause for great excitement! I have included sliding cavity doors into the WIR, because we are both a little messy and I want to be able to hide that away if people come over.

Then on the left will be the music room/sitting room/adults living area. This will predominantly be used as my work area, for writing and rehearsing, but will also serve as another living area for adults to relax in. There will be no kids allowed! Which means (in theory) I can keep it looking nice and make it a little more formal and stylized than the rest of the house. No cushions thrown on the floor! Then when the kids are older and are hanging out with their friends in the main living area and backyard we could retreat to that space with guests. Doesn’t that sound nice! At the moment my piano is in the living area so trying to write or record when the kids are around is a nightmare. I can’t WAIT to have my own space.

Next to the music room is Phil’s study. He works from home a lot so this was also an integral room to have. I am hoping to have inbuilt cupboards and shelving to keep it streamlined and this is the room I want to paint navy blue! I want to go a little masculine in that room, which will be fun to do. Both the music room and study have french doors that open up to the wrap around verandah. This not only gives Phil his own entrance for clients if he needs it, but it will be beautiful to work with the doors open for fresh air and light.

built in shelves

I want built in cupboard and shelves live this in both the study and living area.

Then we get to the main living area, with kitchen, butlers pantry, dining, living and study nook. Here there will be gabbled ceilings and exposed beams over the living area, to make it feel even more spacious and add the design feature that we loved so much in our Block All Stars house. I think it will be touches like this that make it feel less like a pristine new house. And with that thought in mind, we will be up-cycling the stone from the original house to use around the fireplace in the living area. I always knew I wanted to use the stone because it was so lovely, so came up with this idea to keep a connection to the old house. I also think this will give that room great character, warmth and life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.23.03 am

Finally in that space we have included a study nook, with cavity sliding doors. That way if I am working or the kids are doing their homework it will be open to the living area, but if we have guests over we can shut the doors and hide the mess. I love that bit!

Then in the ‘kids wing’ we have the laundry/mud room, which you will enter into from the garage. The aim is that all the school bags, muddy football boots etc can be dropped there before entering the house. Then there’s the kids bathroom, two bedrooms and play room, which also opens up onto the deck. So when we have friends over, the kids will have an area to play in but can also access the backyard and pool without having to run through the main living and dining area. Same goes for the bathroom, that bathroom can be accessed through the french doors from the pool. I am really hoping that having a designated playroom means all the toys, dolls, puzzles etc that seem to invade every room in our house currently will have one spot to stay in and it will be easier to keep the rest of the house clutter free. In practice this probably won’t happen (Poppy being the messiest/most creative child ever) but a girl can dream. :)

Then there is the double bifold doors to make it all open up to the backyard, the big deck and outdoor kitchen and the pool. Honestly, it feels like a dream that this will be our house!!

rear new

So ultimately it will be a 3 bedroom home, with study and three living areas, which suits us perfectly. But if we wanted to sell it we could market it as having potential to be 5 bedroom plus study, if you converted the music room and playroom to bedrooms, which will also make it very appealing. As I said before, it’s all about doing what suits your needs, but not limiting the floor plan so that it appeals to a wide market if you want to sell.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about the floor plan and hopefully it gives you some ideas for your own if you’re planning to build.

Amity xx


  1. says

    Wow! Love the floor plan, very well thought out. Just a thought, you could add a door to separate the rear rooms from the living giving the kids there own wing.

    • Amity says

      Hi Lynda, I think there is a door there but can’t see it on the plan so will look into it. You’re right, there definitely should be one to separate it, for noise, heating and cooling purposes. So thanks for the heads up!

  2. Damien says

    It must be amazing to be able to design what you want from the ground up – congrats on it all and I am very jealous of the butler’s pantry! As someone who works from home, I wonder about whether you need a powder room where the nook is and/or a third bathroom in between the music room and study? My clients often need to use the bathroom, and i would hate to have them have to walk through the rest of my house to get to the bathroom, and especially to then have them use the children’s bathroom (which in my house isn’t always 100% tidy!). Obviously you plan to stay there for a long time, but a bathroom at the front of the house would, i imagine, also increase resale value if the music room and study were used as bedrooms, as they are a long way from the main bathroom. The benefit of having a third toilet, in addition to the reasons i have suggested, might also be that as the children are older having a toilet available other than in their bathroom might be useful. But these are just tiny suggestions based on having a house of a similar size and requirements (i.e. clients coming to the house), otherwise it is a wonderful design. Cant wait to follow the build as it progresses :)

    • Amity says

      Hi Damien, very helpful comment thank you. We did talk a lot about a third toilet for the exact reasons you said, but in the end decided it was tricky to fit in where we wanted it and we didn’t really need it. Phil usually meets his clients at their office or in a cafe, so it’s not like people are coming over all day. But I do sometimes wonder if we made the right choice on that one, which is the only decision I feel like that about.

      • Carmen says

        You could possibly achieve this separate toilet for clients etc by reconfiguring the ensuite bathroom on the master bedroom, so that you could add a door on the wall the shower is currently on – then it would just be a matter of keeping the pocket doors to the WIR closed so clients don’t go through there & you would have both your treasured ensuite & a solution for the bathroom issue at the front if the house. Just a thought :)

      • Damien says

        Sorry to bring it back into your mind then! But as you say, if Phil mainly doesnt see clients from home, then it won’t be too much of an issue. I only suggested a small powder room where the nook is as it looked like there was enough room, and it backs onto the ensuite so there would be plumbing there. Though i guess the problem would be if you could fit a doorway into it from the hallway – if the doorway had to be where the current opening into the nook is it would kind of defeat the purpose as clients would have to go through the doors from the hall into the living area and hence see all of your house anyway.

        • Amity says

          Exactly Damien! We did look at a few options like that but I wasn’t happy with any of them in a design sense, so in the end we decided we didn’t want to sacrifice anything else in order to have a powder room. But I may have one more look at it with the designer as a few people have mentioned it in their comments here and on FB.

    • Debra says

      Damien – that’s exactly what I am doing in the house we are building. We converted the walk in linen cupboard into a Water Closet for my clients to use. We also put in doors between the front of the house (where our master suite, office and water closet is located) so they could be closed off and clients will never see right inside the house. Handy for those mornings where nothing goes right and isn’t the tidiest. Just close the doors and the clients will be none the wiser!!! Beautiful house – I am looking forward to seeing the progress photos.

  3. Duncan says

    That looks great! Love how the parents area is away from the kids bedrooms. Having four boys myself, they grow up so quickly and that small separation can be blissful at times! The back area with the pool looks fantastic and I can see many great parties and family functions working so well with that easy flowing design. The only thing I can’t see is a urinal?

    Cheers Duncan

    • Amity says

      Reading that I wondered who would be so CRAZY to install a urinal and then I read the name. Of course there’s only one person. Adore you. Just keep your dirty urinals away from my beautiful house!! But when it comes time for one of those parties, you know you’re on the invite list. xxx

  4. Diane says

    Love it Amity. I love your note on the cavity doors for your robe. When we were building I wanted to do that too but the builder talked me out of it so now will have to do an external one. Looking so forward to the building

    • Amity says

      Thanks Diane. I insisted on those doors because I have been known to throw my clothes around and don’t want that bad habit to get out. Oh wait…oops. ;)

  5. Ally says

    Love it! We did a renovation with Scott Salisbury 6 yrs ago on an old bungalow. The whole experience was fantastic. We had the same Idea as you.. Parents at the front, kids in the back ( still young but long term plan) love ur butlers Pantry too. Enjoy the whole process… It’s very exciting!

    • Amity says

      Thanks Ally. That’s so great to hear you were happy with Scott Salisbury Homes. We’ve heard so much great feedback on them and are really happy with the process so far. Our design manager Katrina is so organised I wish I had her running every aspect of my life!

  6. Brigita says

    Hi love the plan for your new home, I’ve planed and built two homes, and believe me Dameions suggestions are exactly what I was thinking, even when you have guests they would have to use kids bathroom or your ensuite, maybe you could change the ensuite plan, put the shower at the back, and have the loo so it could be accessed from the hall, and use it as a two way powder room with a small sink.
    Wishing You all the Best Cheers Brigita

    • Amity says

      Thanks Brigita. That’s definitely something we looked at doing and decided against, but I may look at it again after hearing these comments.

  7. cam says

    I love it. The design is beautiful. I cant wait to see your design touches Amity.
    Going back to the powder room issue. I really think it www ould be an advantage to have one.
    Guests, visitors or business meetings, it would allow you to have a small bathroom that is akways clean that you dont have to worry about.
    You could steal the nook to use as the powder room or you could take a little off the butlers pantry…….please dont kill me for that suggestion.

    • Amity says

      Hi Cam, I certainly won’t kill you! It’s been mentioned a few times in comments so I think it’s worth looking at again. I just didn’t want to lose any space in the nook or butlers pantry, but maybe it’s worth doing.

      Either way, thank you for your suggestion, we really appreciate the feedback. :)

  8. says

    Love this design Amity. I love looking at house plans in general, but this one is a winner and you have really put a lot of time and thought into it. I also can’t wait to see how you and Phil put your loving touches to it. How exciting!

  9. Jo says

    Amity, thanks for sharing your journey! We are currently in the design process to build a new house in Adelaide too! I am wondering if you can give us any sense of scale for your floor plan? the length of one or two of the walls? Also I am wondering which way north is? It’s really important to us that our house is as sustainable as possible and it’s introduced some really interesting struggles to the design process, particularly in combination with the block configuration, slope and requirement for a single story house.

  10. Jo says

    Can you rotate the robe and ensuite so they are side by side in the other orientation with the robe along the garage wall and the ensuite along the hallway wall so it can be a 2 way? You could either have seperate doors from the master into the ensuite and robe or still find a way to get the ensuite door through the robe. Personally in our own design (still far from finalized) we are forgoing an ensuite in favour of a second bath right next to the master bed, which will double as the guest/adult bath and master bath. It’s no further for us to walk, pretty private where it is in our house and removes the need for a third toilet to clean… Not sure it would work in this floorplan though!

  11. pete says

    great design, although i would really suggest a separate toilet in main bathroom. once the kids get older they will want some privacy and only one person / guest can use the bathroom at a time….

  12. Rene says

    How do you plan to address damp and odours in your windowless ensuite? My experience with windowless bathrooms/toilets is that odours and dampness lingers as no fresh air flows through. Perhaps an opening skylight might help.

  13. Cathy says

    Love the plan, it looks flexible and will be a great floorplan for when the kids grow up. My suggestion would be to think about putting an internal up high window from the study nook through to the ensuite so you can capture a bit of natural light. Also we made our kids shared bathroom extrude from the house by about a metre, as we have sliding doors to the outside from our Bed 2 and 3. This means we could move the entry doors off the hallway. The kids will also have a small deck outside their bedrooms but with the protruding bathroom have some private space each. I don’t know how to include our layout plan as your kids bedrooms are laid out very similar to ours. Can send via attachment to an email if you want.

    Good Luck with your build

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