The dream of custom joinery

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and its design is one of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to building or renovating your home. For me which company to go with was always a simple decision though, because I have admired their work for years. I wanted an Alby Turner & Son kitchen. Alby Turner and Son have been in Adelaide for over 40 years and I personally think they are the best company here when it comes to Hamptons or Provincial style kitchens and joinery. They’re probably fabulous at all styles of joinery, but I think it’s in this style they really shine.

So when we started I went to speak with Rob Turner and Sophie Doumbiotis, their head designer, to talk about the kitchen I wanted and I knew immediately they got the look I was after. Rob sent me an email after our chat to show me a kitchen they had done recently and asked if that was what I was going for….


To which I replied ‘Um…YES!!!!’

However when we first chatted I didn’t realise they were also able to do the bathroom cabinets, laundry, wardrobes and all the joinery for the house, giving the whole place a tailored and luxurious look that I had only ever dreamed about. It’s actually meant I hardly need to take a cupboard with me because everything will be built in.

Oh the storage I have!! The house we’ve been living in for the last 9 years has barely any built in cupboards and no wardrobes at all, so I had to bring everything in and our wardrobe situation is atrocious. So to go from that to having more cupboards and better designed storage than I could have ever imagined is truly a dream.

Sophie and I spent hours talking about how I wanted to use the space and what we needed for it to be functional and user friendly. So it not only looks gorgeous from the outside but it will make our lives easier as well. Sadly Sophie hasn’t designed cupboards that put things away for you yet, but it’s as close as I’m going to get!

In the kitchen I have an island bench with lots of drawers and a pull out bin in the middle. On the side their are hidden powerpoints in both ends, which are fantastic! With the cupboards, every space has been used to maximise storage, from the tray rack, the hidden wine shelving, the pull out oil and spice rack and the double drawers which look like one deep drawer from the outside. Honestly, to go from what I have to this – I won’t know what to put in all these cupboards!

We designed the butlers pantry so the part you see will look the same as the kitchen and then the open shelving for food will be around the corner, so it’s neat and tidy. There is another dishdrawer in there, in addition to the full dishwasher in the kitchen, and a small sink for washing up coffee mugs, breakfast and prep stuff. There’s also a rack for trays and platters and plenty more cupboards.


The butlers pantry already has more storage than my current kitchen (and looks way better too!)

And that’s just the kitchen! In the laundry I have cupboards on both sides, with a built in ironing board and two pull out dirty clothes baskets. There is also a ‘mud room’ area for hanging school bags and coats and drawers for dirty footy shoes and the like. I am very excited about that bit!

The bathrooms have double drawers, again with hidden powerpoints, and I have a study nook in the main living area, which you can hide behind folding doors that look like cupboards when you have guests. So no one sees all your paperwork and mess, which there is currently piles of on my kitchen table! This study nook also has drawers and shelves and two fantastic phone, ipad and laptop charging stations that you press to use or hide away again. So the kids can do homework or play on the computer in full view of us and then I can work there while they’re at school. Love, love, love!



The kids wardrobes are equally impressive, with features I wasn’t even expecting. They have a pull down leaver, to maximise the extra height for more hanging space. So the kids have no excuse not to hang up their clothes. When Jamison first saw it he thought I had put exercise equipment in his wardrobe!


Finally, two of my favourite features of the house – the shelving and cupboards in the living area and study. I had a picture I loved on Pinterest and told Sophie I wanted exactly that in the living room, using the sandstone from the original house.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.42.36 pm

My inspiration..and how mine looks now!!



I cannot wait to get in and style those shelves, there is my summer holidays project right there!

Then there is the study, which we are painting a deep indigo colour. So Alby Turner painted the back of the cupboards to match in with the walls, which looks stunning (if you ignore the handprints I haven’t wiped down yet!).


This room will be Phil’s office but I have left a big space in the middle to put a TV, so it could also double as a media room. Again, the styling of these shelves will be carefully managed and I’ve told Phil he can’t just put anything haphazardly in them. For the first month or so at least!

I think it’s pretty obvious how happy I am with all of this and I cannot rave enough about how great Sophie, Rob and the Alby Turner team have been to work with. I really can’t believe this is my house because it looks way too fancy and impressive, but I guess that will sink in once I’ve been there for a while. :)

Just under two weeks to go….

Amity x


  1. says

    Amity I loved reading this post. Your excitement bounced off the page. Mind you I can understand how excited you are, your joinery and storage is amazing, and something dreams are made of for sure.
    I am so happy for you guys that you have your dream home and be in, in just 2 short weeks.
    Wishing you and Phil and the kids a very Merry Christmas, have fun settling into your beautiful new home
    Chris x

  2. Treena says

    It looks amazing, so green with envy as you are creating my dream home that I don’t think we’ll ever get. I’d be happy just with that kitchen! But anyway, I am very interested in seeing how the study nook looks all finished with the doors as this is exactly what I’d like to create when we renovate to create an extra room in our existing house. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Amity says

      Hi Treena, I would’ve been happy with just the kitchen too! I feel very very lucky. I love the study nook and that was one of my ideas very early on. I will definitely post a pic when it’s all done so you can check it out. :)

  3. Angela says

    Hi Amity,

    I love your new home, everything looks amazing! What are the wardrobe rails that pull down called? Do you have details of the company that supplies them? I’m in Brisbane. Is your cabinetry two pack, I especially love lounge and fire place cabinetry. We moved into our Hamptons Style house this time last year, it was so exciting seeing all the hard work and attention to detail come together. Enjoy!

    • Amity says

      Thanks Angela! The wardrobe rails are from a company called Hafele. But, good news for you, Alby Turner and Sons now have a Brisbane branch, so I would definitely suggest going through them if you need anything done! And yes the cabinetry is satin 2 pac. :)

  4. Mel says

    Looks AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see loads of photos of the finished product. And certainly love the study nook idea, I think it’s so important to have a passive area for the kids to study. Love it all……well done :-)

  5. angie says

    Amity, just love the kitchen so much! we are building at the moment and having a Hamptons kitchen too. Can you advise what colour 2 pac paint you chose for your cabinets? I am trying to find a nice white and yours looks perfect. Can’t wait to see it finished. Cheers angie

    • Amity says

      Thanks Angie! The colour of the 2 pac is the same as our wall colour throughout the house, which is Wattyl Chalkdust. It’s not one of their common colours and isn’t in their whites pamphlet, but I looked at LOTS of whites and really liked that it was a warm creamy white but not too yellow. Hope this helps!

  6. Jo says

    Hi Amity,
    Your family room with the stone fire place, custom joinery and exposed beams is a ‘houzz’ image up there with the very best. It really is stunning!
    Cheers, Jo

  7. Cathy says

    Hi Amity, love your pictures, your house looks amazing! We are building at the moment and just designing our kitchen, can you tell me what you have on your bench tops? I’m finding the kitchen bench tops one of the hardest decisions……..

  8. Michelle says

    Hi Amity,

    I’ve come back to your blog, after your post on FB today and reading the Adelaide Matters article. We are planning stages of our custom build and wanting to include built in study desk for our office. Would you mind please sharing any pics of your updated study nook, from what I can see here it looks great but would love to see some updated pics :). The popup charging station looks great too,

    Thanks for sharing your build journey, it all looks wonderful!


  9. Shelley says

    Hi Amity,

    Congratulations on your gorgeous home. We are soon to commence ours and looking at yours is like capturing what’s in my head. Thank you for sharing, it’s certainly helped me translate to our builder

  10. Shelley says

    Hi Amity

    Could you please share the type of finish you used on your custom joinery in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms?

    Your home is just beautiful.

    Thanks Shelley.

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