The big reveal!

It’s been a long time between posts so thank you for sticking around and waiting patiently for me to do the final reveal! We’ve now been in the house for just over 3 months and have settled in to normal life. It was a big push to get the garden ready and the house styled in time for the photos so it consumed me during that time, but since then I’ve actually been able to sit down and enjoy it, which has been lovely! I will write another post soon about what I love and what I would change, but there isn’t too much I don’t love. I’m happy to say it’s as pleasurable to live in as it is to look at, which is ultimately what’s important when you build or renovate.

But right now how it looks is the the focus, so enjoy the photos!! A massive thank you again to Scott Salisbury Homes  for being such a joy to work with. Their attention to detail has been amazing and the quality of the build is first class. This style of house is quite different for them, but I have a feeling they’re going to be building a whole lot more of them from now on!

So now, here’s the house!

SSH Front

As I may have mentioned before my inspiration was a Hamptons meets Edwardian meets Queenslander weatherboard and I think that’s exactly what I’ve ended up with. The wrap around verandah is very Australian and I love that the front two rooms open up with french doors to the verandah, letting the breeze in. The cladding isn’t timber, it’s actually a James Hardie product called Scyon, which is a concrete composite. The paint colours are Wattyl Wicker White for the cladding, Wattyl White for the trims and Colorbond Shale Grey for the roof. The driveway and edging is Boral ClassicPave in charcoal and the light pavers are porcelain pavers from Maison Design.

Isn’t it so cute?! Every time I drive up the street and see it and can’t believe it’s ours. :) Next up is the main bedroom…

SSH Bedroom

The inspiration for this room, along with the whole house, was the relaxed luxury look of the Hamptons. It’s a little bit coastal and a little bit modern country, with an emphasis on natural tones and textured layers. I have used blue and white throughout the house because it’s my favourite colour combo for interiors.

I knew I wanted wall sconces because they’re synonymous with the Hamptons look, but they’re really hard to find in Australia. So I bought these online from the US Pottery Barn store and a friend bought them back for me (actually a friends husband who’s a pilot bought them back, earning MAJOR good husband brownie points!!)


The walls are Wattyl Chalkdust and the trims are Wattyl White. The carpet, which is just heaven to walk on, is the Habitat Collection from Choices Flooring. It is honestly the thickest carpet I have ever walked on and I love it!

Next up is the music room….

SSH Music


This has to be one of my favourite rooms because it’s my room! This is the room I write and practice music in, which is such revelation because in our old house the piano was in the living room, so I had to compete with kids, TV and noise. I would regularly get told to be quiet so the kids could hear the TV, which isn’t the most productive working environment! So now I can shut the door and sing to my hearts content. The kids also practice their instruments in here, but the rule is they are only allowed in there if it’s to read or practice music, which is working so far! And that means it’s the only room where the cushions stay where I put them, which any mum understands is an exciting achievement indeed!! This room can also double as a formal sitting room, so if I had friends over and wanted a cup of tea in peace we could go here. It could also be an extra bedroom if it needed to be, but for us I assure you it will stay the music room! Then there’s the main bathroom…


The inspiration for this is the Hamptons bathrooms I regularly drool over on Pinterest!

The idea behind the layout was that I wanted it to look and feel like one room, but also be able to close off the toilet, sink and shower area if you needed to. So the beautiful opening  (that is so immaculately tiled) actually hides a cavity slider. I always had a picture in my head of the bath sitting under the window (with plantation shutters) with two pendants above it, with a tiled ‘rug’ pattern leading up to it and it looks exactly like I imagined.


I had seen the rug concept in American bathrooms on Pinterest, but never in Australia before. So of course I wanted to do something new! For the ‘rug’ I choose the patterned concrete tiles, from Beaumont Tiles, with the same tile in a plain grey surrounding it. We then cut a charcoal concrete tile into thin pieces, to use as a border. This floor took a lot of thought and a bit of risk doing something so different but I’m thrilled with it.

The cream tiles are hand cut subway tiles from Beaumont Tiles, which I also adore. You can’t see the shower (although you can see a bit in the mirror) but there is a wall of grey subway tiles (which are the same tiles we’ve used in the ensuite) just to break up all the cream. The toilet is painted the same warm grey colour.

The cabinetry is by Alby Turner and Son, who did all the joinery in our house. Their work is the stuff of Hamptons dreams and for me they were the only choice in Adelaide when it came to that detailed shaker style of cabinetry. It’s painted Wattyl Chalkdust, which is the same as the walls throughout the house. The bench top is Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo, which looks like marble but is more practical and family friendly. The taps cut into the mirror looks amazing but was a bit of a challenge, we went through two cracked mirrors to get to this point! It looks so great though. As does the mirror going up to the ceiling, it gives the room so much height.

So there is the front exterior and the first three rooms! More to come next week, I hope it was worth the wait! I can’t wait to read your comments, I love getting all your feedback.

Amity xx

Real estate, research and Pinterest – Oh my!

Now that we have our house and block of land, the fun part really begins – deciding what to do with it! I’ve waited a long time for this moment and have essentially been planning my dream house forever, but now it’s a reality that planning and research has taken on a whole new importance.

I love looking at homes, whether it’s in the flesh, in magazines or online and am always collecting images of things that inspire me. When we bought our house an agent friend of mine told me to cancel my real estate alerts straight away, in case I saw something better and had buyers regret. But I am way to curious for that so I kept them coming, just to see what else was out there. And much to my delight I haven’t seen one house that I wish we’d bought. My mum still pours over the houses for sale online as well, even though they recently bought a house, so I guess that’s where I get it. But I love it, especially looking at houses I can’t afford but aspire to own one day. You should never stop dreaming and aiming high!

Another thing I am obsessed with is Pinterest, especially when I am researching for a renovation. Whenever I give people advice on what we learned doing The Block I always say that doing your research beforehand is the single most important thing you can do. In the lead up to All Stars I was online for hours every night looking for ideas, even though I had no idea what the house we’d be renovating looked like! That did make it a little trickier, but the research was still invaluable. I documented pictures I liked both online and in magazine cuttings and then refereed to them constantly during the renovation. I can’t tell you how much it helped, particularly when I had to make decisions quickly, which of course The Block is all about.

Anyone who has renovated or built will know how many decisions go into creating a house, from paint colours, tiles, floor coverings, tap ware, appliances, cupboards, benchtops, curtains, lights and door handles, just to name a few. Not to mention the all important floor plan, which is probably the most important decision of all.

When you’re bombarded with decisions and every one of them affects the look and feel of your home it can get very overwhelming very quickly. When you’re standing in front of a wall of paint swatches or door handles they can all start to look the same, which makes choosing difficult for anyone, even those of us who have done it a few times. So that’s when your research comes in handy.

Whenever I had to make a design decision I would refer back to my pictures, to see what I had originally liked. I would usually find I had subconsciously collected a lot of pictures of the same thing, whether it was paint colours or kitchen designs, so that helped to point me in the right direction. It was also extremely helpful to show my builder and kitchen designer what I was going for, especially when I couldn’t always put it into words. For example, if I wasn’t sure whether to choose white or cream cupboards, or matt or gloss, I would look at my pictures and see what most of them were. Then I’d look at which door handles they used and if they were all the same or a combination, those little things that can such a difference to the overall look of your house.

Trust me, even the ‘experts’ do this! They create moodboards before a job and refer to them to stay on track with their colour palette and design. So if you are doing your own renovation or new build I cannot stress how important it is to do this research beforehand.

At the moment I am mostly looking at exteriors and floorplans for our house, but I do tend to get distracted by gorgeous Hamptons style kitchen and living rooms! So if you want to get some inspiration from the pictures I’ve collected make sure you check out my Pinterest boards. If you’re into Hamptons or modern country style you will love them.

Another great site for inspiration is Houzz and there are many more I’m sure you’ll find in your searches. Just make sure you have a coffee (or wine) and a few hours to spare, it can get a little addictive!! Happy researching. :)