Progress…slow, but steady.

Firstly, sorry to those who have been following the blog for my lack of posts lately. I had every intention of updating it while I was away on tour, but realise now that was a bit unrealistic. Me, putting pressure on myself and being unrealistic, what a surprise! I am currently halfway through the tour and in regional Victoria this week. Our shows have been going really well, we’ve been playing to full houses and getting to see lots of the country we wouldn’t normally get to. Phil and the kids have been home for the last few weeks but are joining me in Melbourne next week and I’m counting down the days til then. It’s been fun having adult time (and getting to sleep in!) but I miss them terribly.

The house has been proceeding without me, but like all of us has suffered a bit during this long, cold, wet, miserable winter. The carpenters lots about a week due to bad weather and if they weren’t such troupers they could have lost a lot more. They’ve been out there working on days when not too many tradies would, so we’ve been very grateful for that. Our aim is to still be in by Christmas, which we should be, but we will still be finishing things throughout January. Which is ok. As long as that pool is there and we have the basic necessities, I don’t think any of us will care!

I left Adelaide in August and took these photos of the house before I left.




Spot the poser, where does she get that from!

It felt like it was moving really quickly and the cladding had arrived that day, so it was all very exciting. Then the worst of the winter weather hit, they lost a lot of days to ran and carpenter lost one of their team members for two weeks, so everything slowed down. Phil has been sending me weekly progress shots, but it definitely felt like things weren’t moving quite as quickly as we’d hoped. That is the reality of building though, particularly in bad weather. Still, I loved seeing the weatherboard go up, even if it took a little longer than I expected.


Now that the weather isn’t as bad we’re hoping the cladding will be finished this week. I can’t wait to see the front part done and for the house to start looking like a house! We are agonisingly close, but until that’s finished and the door goes in it still looks like a shell.


Once that’s done they can move a lot fast inside and once the walls go in it will really start to feel like we’re moving. The upside of being a bit behind is that I will home for more of it, so I’m not unhappy about that! It’s kind of good that I’ve been away during this part, so I haven’t been too tortured by the lack of visual progress. Then when I get home all the fun stuff will happen!

I have been seeing so many weatherboard houses on the tour, in Brisbane as you would expect, but a surprising number in regional Victoria too. Originally my idea was to design a cross between a Queenslander and an Edwardian weatherboard, so it’s been great to see lots of them in small towns on our travels and it’s made me even more excited about how cute ours will be. It’s definitely going to stand out in Adelaide, where it’s all about the stone villa, but I like that!

So I should have some photos of the front facade next week, fingers crossed. I’m also planning on doing some furniture and lighting shopping while I’m in Melbourne. I’m going to see how much I can fit in the tour truck!!

More from me soon and then much more from October when things ramp up. I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Amity xx


  1. Mel says

    Looks great Amity!! It looks like you have a huge block?? Can I be cheeky and ask what the front width of your block is?? We have just purchased a block and I am just starting to look at floor plans – there are so many options!! Looking forward to watching your progress. :-) Mel

    • Amity says

      Thanks Mel. Our block is pretty huge, it’s 1000 sqm and 19m wide. Our floorplan was specifically designed for us by Scott Salisbury Homes and they can design a house to suit any block, so give them a call. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Good luck with your house. :)

      • Mel says

        I’ve just had a look at their website – they do some beautiful things!! We are in country Victoria, so maybe a bit far away :-) Looking forward to watching your place come together :-)

  2. Michelle bate says

    It’s looking so great. We have been trying to build our house too and can I tell you that we have had only about 2 days of sunshine since you’ve been gone…. We have had massive delays getting a roof on! So well done on what you have achieved.
    And my friend Susan us on tour with you- say hi to her for me:)

    • Amity says

      Thanks Michelle, it’s been the worst winter ever hasn’t it! I’ve been glad to escape it and spend my time inside warm theaters and not on site. Susan said you enjoy following this blog, which is great to hear! She says hi right back. :)

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