Our slab party!

Over the weekend we had a little get together at the slab, to show our family and a few close friends the layout and do a toast for good luck. Of course we had to pour a bit of french champagne on the slab to christen it!

I wasn’t expecting all the frames to go up so quickly, but when I drove past the day before our party the whole house was already done!


It’s so great to finally get a feel of the layout and how big each room is, because you do question yourself a lot when you’re just looking at a floorplan or slab. But I was very happy and relieved to see the room sizes felt perfect. In fact, the living area feels huge!


All that blank slab is kitchen and living!

This stage has gone extremely quickly but the carpenter will be on site working on our roof for a long time yet. There’s a lot of work to go into the exposed trusses, but I can already tell by the quality of the work he’s done it’s going to look magnificent!

In the day since the party my mind has been full with new ideas on paint, lights, curtains and furniture. I thought I had it all pretty much decided but it’s such a long time to think about it so I keep coming up with new ideas. It was almost easier with The Block because you had to choose something quickly and stick with it. I have a feeling there will be many more changes of mind between now and Christmas though!

Here’s a few shots from the weekend. We gave the kids chalk and let them draw on the slab and they had lots of fun showing their friends where everything will go. I love that those closest to us are getting to be part of the process and see it all happen, it will make the end result feel even more special.

Here’s a few pics from the day.

Amity x


IMG_7444   Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.30.07 pmIMG_7431    IMG_7429IMG_7430  IMG_7428

IMG_7453  IMG_5946

 Dirt, space and a football, what more do boys need?!



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  2. Jo says

    Hi Amity and Phil,

    Your new home is really starting to take shape – Congratulations, let’s hope that sharing the verve with your slab will bring good luck for the rest of the project! Love the chalk drawings on the slab – priceless.


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