It all comes tumbling down!

This morning was the moment we’ve waited many months for, with the old house being demolished to make way for the new one. It was an exciting moment, especially for Phil who got to help with the excavator. What boy doesn’t want to drive a life size Tonka truck and be told he is allowed to smash it into things!!

Everyone who has watched us on The Block knows Phil is not the handiest of men, in fact he’s a bull in a china shop. But this morning he was finally able to let that bull loose and go for his life. I assure you, I was standing way back because I did not trust him with that big claw with bit.


Phil getting a lesson from Iain on how to use the excavator. Does he look like he’s listening?


Like a kid in a candy store.


No wait, Phil, not that way…

A big thanks to Bill and the team at AC Construction, who were fantastic and indulged Phil so he could live out his demo fantasy, but then will continue to do all the hard work after we’ve gone. And to the wonderful team at Scott Salisbury Homes, who made us our ‘Site Manager in Training’ shirts – we love them! We can’t wait to see a blank canvas on the site so we can start work on our dream home.



The managing director of Scott Salisbury Homes, Lyndon Henman, who also kept a safe distance from Phil.


Site managers is training, that’s us.

demo 5

 From calm to crazy!






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