I’m back!

After 11 weeks on tour I am finally back in Adelaide, back with my family, back to obsessing over my house and back on this blog! I know there are lots of you who’ve been waiting for updates so thanks for your patience. I promise now that I’m home and the house is getting closer to completion they will be much more regular.

It was so strange to pull up to the house with a feeling of butterflies, seeing as the last time I saw it there were only timber beams. I jumped out of the car and my first thought was that the exterior colour I’d chosen was a bit too yellow, but that I’d learn to live with it.


And then I realised they hadn’t painted it yet and that was the cladding colour. Phew!! They had painted a little bit though and I was very relieved to see that I loved the colour. Phew again! It’s so hard picking colours from a colour swatch and the stress of having to commit to it while not being here was weighing on me, so I was so glad to see it was what I was expecting.


The top half is the final colour, a warm and soft white. I love it!

The colour of the cladding is Wattyl Wicker White and the trims are Wattyl White. The roof is Colourbond Shale Grey.

The cladding was almost done, just minus the feature part above the bay window, which was finished a few days later. The verandah had started and it all looked like a house, which was exciting in itself!


But it was when I walked in that I really had to focus to take it all in. I liked the cornices, check, the sizes of the rooms felt spacious, check, all the workmanship was immaculate, check.


I love these windows.

Then I got to the living area and told our Scott Salisbury Homes site manager I might cry. His face dropped, with a look of absolute terror, until I reassured him they were happy tears! I think he had been feeling just as nervous as me in the lead up to the day, knowing how much I’d put into this house and how much I trusted him to make sure everything was done just right while it was away. And it certainly has been. They might have lost a week over the winter but they’ve definitely made up for it and things are moving very quickly now. And the quality of the work is just so good, I am so happy with it.


My dad sent me this photo a week before I got home.


Now I could see it for myself…

A few days after I got home we did a shoot for Bendigo Bank, for some social media adds we’re doing. So the house got its first showing.


There’s still so much to do before it looks like a home and not a worksite but I can definitely picture it all now. This deck is going to be the place to be over Summer and I plan on not leaving it at all!


This will be the outdoor kitchen, with plantation shutters. Sigh.


One thing that’s nearly finished and I am so happy with is the fireplace. As I may have mentioned we kept the original sandstone from the original house to use in the fireplace and I am so thrilled with the result.

Our new house! It's a bit of mixture of styles at the moment, but we have ideas.

Our new house! It’s a bit of mixture of styles at the moment, but we have ideas.

Here is the old house…and the new fireplace.


I love that it has history and is recycled and you just can’t get stone like that anymore. The stone mason cut the pieces into tiles so they would go further and this is the end result. Once the grill is on the fireplace and the joinery is in this will look a million bucks!! This is one of the ways I am trying to make a brand new house have character and I think it’s done exactly that.

Next week it will be all about the wet areas. I’ve had a slight drama with tiles I chose (more about that later) but I’ve got my last show tomorrow night, so from Monday I am 100% focused on this house. The countdown to our Christmas by the pool is on!!

Amity xx








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    Looks so good Amity! I remember those same feelings walking through our unfinished house last year and seeing it all come together. That back room is just so amazing – looking forward to seeing the end result which I know will be stunning!

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