I think we have a winner!

I think we may have our final floor plan! I have read every one of your comments and absolutely loved hearing all your ideas and suggestions. There were some great ones and a few that got us to look at things differently, which was fantastic. That’s why you should live with your plans for a while and show them to lots of people for feedback. Because when you’ve looked at them a hundred times you sometimes miss things that others will see with fresh eyes.

So, we’ve taken all the suggestions and this is the plan we’ve come up with.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.43.40 am

We’ve taken some space from the garage, which was already huge, and increased the size of the laundry to have a full wall of linen/storage cupboards. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before, but I guess I just explained that in my first paragraph! Now I can’t imagine not having that storage, so I’m so glad we’ve added it. The good things about this is the garage is still very wide, so there is still plenty of room to have shelves and storage on the side walls as well. If you notice there is also a roller door on the other side of the garage, so if you have a boat or trailer you can drive it through. This was pretty much Phil’s one contribution to the design, but I think it’s a great one! Not that we will ever have a boat, but I think it’s a great selling point if we put it on the market.

We’ve kept the ensuite as it was, but taken the storage square that was accessible from the garage and made it open into the house. This will be great for suitcases, golf clubs etc.

Then there’s the main bathroom, where I have gone with a modified version of option 3 (from the last post.) Now that we have the linen cupboard in the laundry we could get rid of the cupboard we had outside the bathroom and bring the toilet forward. I was worried a vanity in the toilet may feel too cramped, so I got rid of that. I agree with those that said you can use the main vanity, particularly now it’s separate from the bath and shower.

I have moved the bath and the window over to the right, so the shower space will be longer and wider. Then there will be a nib wall and a cavity slider door to close off the bath and shower if you need to. I would expect it would stay open most of the time, particularly while the kids are small, so I will still get my pretty picture of the vanity and then bath under the window.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.00.14 am

The nib wall from the vanity will be a bit like this one, with a sliding door that can join to it if needed. It’s also a nice way to show off your feature tiles.

I am really happy with this design and think it was an awesome team effort in designing it! Funnily, I rang the our design manager at Scott Salisbury Homes to discuss the plans and she said ‘I’m here with the designers, we’re reading people comments to see what they like.’ So there you go! The floor plan was supposed to be pretty much locked it, so they’ve been wonderful in making all these changes and giving me options, to make sure I was totally happy. And now I am!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.08.04 am

(Now I just need it to look like this! Isn’t it gorgeous. It will be a similar layout, but with the shower behind the nib wall next to the vanity. And how gorgeous are those floor tiles.)

So let us know what you think, we all can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Amity xx


  1. Kristy says

    ONLY thing I would suggest again is to have an outside toilet or somewhere easy for kids to go to the toilet from the pool. Trust me as soon as they hop in they need to use the bathroom. And you don’t want them walking through the whole house. Other then that it looks fantastic

    • Amity says

      Hi Kristy, there are french doors from the deck and pool area straight into the hallway and toilet. So while it’s not directly accessible to the outside it’s pretty close and there will be floorboards there, so no carpet to wet. i did think about that, as you’re right that it’s important.

  2. Garry Williams says

    When you have bifolds please don’t forget to include a retractable Flyscreen system. Centor has a couple of options available that can be concealed within the wall construction. If you don’t include a screen now it will be more costly or not doable later.
    I can help in this area.
    Looks good.

    • Amity says

      Great point Garry. We got these for The Block All Stars house and while I wasn’t convinced about them when the manufacturer suggested them I was really glad we got them. So we will definitely get them for this house and I will keep you in mind!

  3. Ann McPhee says


    This is now be called Our Block/Blog House, congratulations you have nailed it. So now we look forward to the building stages. You know you can call on us when you get fed up and frustrated. I am sure we will come up with some suggestions for assistance. Good Luck Ann

  4. Diane says

    Love the new plans. Those tiles are gorgeous in the bathroom picture. I can picture myself in the pool with a cocktail or two.

  5. mel jones says

    I have a suggestion to get an outside toilet. make your retreat the same as your bedrooms and use a double cavtivity door (on the retreat) and place the toilet at the end and make the door on the outside of the house!!!! Hope that make sense would be much easier to draw lol

  6. Michelle says

    Oh that laundry. I’m in LOVE! Great idea about the full length linen/storage cupboards in there. Well done to you and Scott Salisbury Homes for such a marvellous alteration. And thank you for letting us come on this journey with you. I’m enjoying it :)

    • Amity says

      Thanks Michelle, I am in love too! We seriously lack storage in this house so that’s one of the things I’m most excited about. That at the walk in robe! So glad you’re enjoying the blog. :)

  7. Louise Smith says

    Hi Amity, Phil and Kids
    Just love the design you have finished up deciding on, such a family friendly home especially when the kids want and need a little space of their own:) there is so much satisfaction in designing a home and can’t wait to see in the stages the construction of your dream home.

    Best wishes

  8. Gene says

    Done…concentrate on those finishes now…
    (Was feeling bit guilty with all those “suggestions” !! It is great to have feedback from others, which can also lead to confusion, but ultimately need to go with and choose that which is right for your lifestyle……
    Let the building begin!…..

    • Amity says

      You’re right Gene, sometimes too much feedback can lead to confusion but I have loved the feedback we’ve received and I think the house will be better for it. Let the building begin! :)

  9. Jess says

    I love the house, it’s just perfect! I can’t wait to see the build and finished product, no doubt it will be stunning! You guys are so awesome! Congratulations! :)

  10. Emma R says

    Love your house design, and look forward to seeing it’s build progress.

    I would consider swapping bedroom 2 and the main bathroom. Reasons being:
    * In the evenings, if guests need the toilet they won’t be disturbing your kids while they try to get to sleep (I know mine will find any excuse to get up saying “I just CAN’T get to sleeeeeeep, Mummy!”
    * If it is a client using it, they won’t be passing your child’s bedroom at all.
    * May be more cost effective to have the plumbing of both laundry & bathroom together
    * Moving the bedroom away from the laundry will be beneficial noise-wise for the occupant if you have washing on either early morning or later at night (see first point).

    Best wishes for your new home, Phil & Amity :)

    • Amity says

      Emma, you make some very solid points! We put it where it was so the entrance was close to the outside door. But I guess if it went next to the laundry you could also use that outside door. I may have to change it one more time now! Thanks for your suggestions. :)

  11. Ali says

    Hi Amity,

    I’m just new to your blog, so you may have covered this previously, but I notice there’s no window in the ensuite…are you having a skylight? The plans are amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished product! :)

  12. Cathy says

    To add to the last post, I would suggest a up high internal window from the Study Nook to the ensuite, it will bring in a bit of natural daylight. It’s never too late to make adjustments until its built!!

    Love the plans it looks amazing…..

  13. Kerston says

    Hey Amity,

    The house looks great!

    Just a question/suggestion or two.

    Do you still need that Linen cupboard that backs onto the ensuite?
    I can see you have heaps of storage in the Laundry/Mudroom now, since you made some changes.
    I myself would love more WIR room (extra room for the shoes).

    In the ensuite is the toilet going to have a swinging door or in cavity roll one? With the in cavity one you could just open/close if needed/wanted and even better don’t have to try and get behind the door with the vacuum and/or mop to get all the dust and grime (I hate that about where I am). If you included the suggested (by Cathy) high window from the study nook to ensuite, it would help with some natural lighting in the bathroom (makeup is better if applied in natural lighting).

    How people are saying about the pool vs toilet.
    In the backyard you could do a mini bungalow(pool house, or powder room + shower) type thing with a toilet, shower and drying off room only plus maybe small cupboard for towels/toilet paper. Then your inside floors stay dry and clean (chlorine hates my wooden verandah). You would only need it big enough to fit them, and your backyard would still stay nice and large for the kiddies to play around when both todays age and well into the teens.

    Sorry to give you some more when I know you just want it all to be finalised to start so then you can move into this amazing looking home.

    Regards, Kerston

    • Amity says

      Hi Kerston, I hadn’t seen your comment until now so sorry for the lack of reply after you thought such a thoughtful comment! We ended up getting rid of that linen cupboard for exactly that reason and now have more room in the WIR, so you preempted us!

      I would love to do a pool house eventually and it’s on the list of things we’d love to do down the track. We definitely have room for one.

      Thanks for your comments, keep them coming!

      Amity :)

  14. Kellie says

    Hi Amity,

    I really love your plan! It’s going to be amazing when it’s finished.

    I just wanted to know how many square metres the plan of the house will be, including your verandah and back outdoor section?

    • Amity says

      Kellie, it’s 300 and something. I need to dig out the plan to find out exactly but will try to remember to check for you!

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