Help me choose my carpet!

This week my selections have been focused on flooring. I’m nearly done with these selections and will be relieved when they’re locked in because it’s taken up a lot of time. I’m not sure how people who work 9-5 do it. Maybe they don’t obsess over it quite as much as I do! I’ve been lucky it’s fallen during a quietish month for work so I’ve been able to focus entirely on the process, but soon I will be rehearsing again and won’t have 15 hours a day to look at swatches and Pinterest. Which by then I’ll probably be glad about!

I decided to get our flooring from Choices Flooring KESWICK and was very impressed with how friendly and helpful Bruno, Jo and the staff   were. They made good coffee too, which is always a bonus when you’ve got a day full of appointments. :)

I knew I wanted Oak floorboards and the first product they showed me was exactly what I wanted, so that made it very easy. I’ve gone with the Plantino Engineered Oak because it’s the exact shade I wanted, it’s got some knotting to add texture and the boards are nice and wide. They also have a matte finish, which shows a lot less scratches than a shiny finish.


The benefit of Plantino Engineered Oak is that you have the genuine timber on the top but it’s way more cost effective than full timber boards. You can also re sand and coat the boards if they get scratched or damaged and they have a 25 year residential warranty.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.25.33 pm

The Plantino Oak boards, they will work perfectly with my Hamptons/Modern Country look.

There are so many fantastic flooring products on the market these days and the latest vinyl and laminate products have completely changed since the days when it was only acceptable in your Nanna’s kitchen. Now I almost struggle to tell the difference with what’s timber and what’s not. If I was doing up a place to rent or a mid level house or apartment for re-sale I wouldn’t hesitate to use laminate floors. They are so much more scratch, stain and indent resistant than timber, there are lots of great shades to chose from and they last forever. We used laminate flooring for the makeover we did on the Channel 9 special ‘Makeover Street’ and I was so impressed with it. It went down so quickly and transformed the room instantly, so if you’re thinking of doing a quick and cost effective makeover I would highly recommend it.

One product everyone was raving about a few years ago is Bamboo. It was the next big thing and the most hard wearing floor you could chose. But now I am hearing there have been a lot of issues with it, particularly in South Australia. Apparently if there’s not enough moisture in the air it bends and cracks, so it’s definitely not ideal in our dry state. It’s probably fine in QLD, but from what I hear I would never suggest it here.  Which is good to know because I had always thought it was a fantastic product to use!

I always had a good idea on what I wanted for the timber floors, so that was easy, but when it came to carpet I had no idea because I’ve never put carpet in anywhere I’ve renovated before. I’ve always done up old places and used timber everywhere because I used to see carpet as a bit daggy and outdated. But again, trends change and carpet is definitely back. And having not had carpet in my bedroom for the last 15 years I am quite looking forward to a nice spongy landing when I put my feet down in the morning!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.22.47 pm

Will carpet make my bedroom look like this. Please?!

But in terms of what to choose, I had no idea. The last time I was looking at carpet was when my mum and dad were building our family home in the 90’s. It was all about sisal then, and before that when we built in the 80’s it was all about a thick grey pile. But, as we know everything comes back around, and that thick grey pile is no exception!

These days it’s all about lush, plush carpet and grey is back in a big way. It used to be a rule that dark carpets make a room look smaller, but charcoal carpets are really popular and create an intimate and moody feel.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.18.43 pm

Shannon and Simon’s winning bedroom on The Block successfully combined dark carpet with light timber for a  fresh and sunny feel.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.20.49 pm

Michael and Carlene’s carpet choice is a moody and elegant.

However as good as they can look dark carpets won’t suit the look of our house, so I definitely want a light shade. But choosing which shade is the tricky part.

In the end, I chose  a beautiful plush carpet that feels super soft and has some lovely colours to chose from. The brand is Habitat and it’s a solution-dyed nylon carpet range, made in New Zealand by Cavalier Bremworth. It’s also a Stain Master carpet which, if you’re born in the same era as me, you will remember from the Pro Hart commercials. And seeing as my Poppy could make a mess to rival those commercials I figure this can only be a good thing!


So I’m very happy with the carpet, I just can’t decide on the colour. Well, I like three of them, I just can’t narrow it down to one and every time I look at them in a different light I change my mind. There are two soft greys that both work (second from the left on top and far right on bottom in pic) but depending on the light they either look too blue or too mauve. And I like the linen/beige shade (top left), but in some lights it looks too brown. I don’t know! They all go with the wall colour, floorboards and overall look of the house, so it really comes down to preference. I’ll probably end up going with the linen/beige because it’s safer than too blue or too mauve. That’s today’s opinion anyway, so feel free to throw in yours!



I was going to put carpet in all the bedrooms but after advice from my mum I decided to stick with the floorboards in the kids rooms. Seeing as their rooms are so close to the backyard/pool area there is a high chance they’ll be running in and out of there with dirty wet feet and the beautiful light carpet won’t last a week without getting wrecked. Even with the Stainmaster. We can always add carpets down the track if we want to, but for now I’ll put rugs in there, which I can change as the mood takes me, and keep the nice plush stuff for our bedroom only (which, knowing us, we’ll probably get dirty within a week too.)

So that’s floors down, kind of. I’m nearly there….

If you’re looking at installing new flooring Choices Flooring have a new Inspiring Choices Magazine that features 100 pages of the latest flooring trends plus colour, style files and flooring tips from interior writers and stylists. You can have it delivered by ordering here.


  1. Michelle says

    Hi Amity, I am building a new house too and I am constantly surprised by your selections- your style is very similar to mine. We are building a big weatherboard home in Adelaide with a big verandah- and I am having a kitchen that is so similar to yours it’s uncanny. Today I laughed when I read this as we have chosen oak flooring. Except- we have looked at the engineered oak and although it’s amazing quality- there are still places about that will lay solid oak flooring for about $105 sq metre which is approx same cosy as the engineered product. They can stain and finish in any colour too. We are thinking of doing this just so we don’t ever have that tap sound:)

    • Amity says

      Hi Michelle, if you can get a great deal then go for it! Your house sounds beautiful (of course, we have the same taste! It will be interesting to see how similar they are when they’re finished. :)

  2. Kirrilly lilburne says

    It’s me again! It’s a bit tricky to advise on the carpet without seeing it as a photo can be a little misleading. Looking at it along side the floorboard it will join is important. I’d also consider with that the wall colour & colour of your furniture.
    Light carpets show the dirt. Dark colours will show the any fluff of specs of lint etc. I like the the photo with the choices label, the colour on the right. It’s soft but warm enough to compliment a light wall colour & neutral warm tones which reflect the Hampton style. But as I mentioned, consider the furniture colour wall colour & the amount of light you anticipate that room will receive.
    Take your time, and perhaps check out Floorco. They have top notch carpets there too.
    Cheers Kirrilly

    • Amity says

      Hi Kirrily, they both work with the floorboards and the ensuite tiles they will join up to, so that doesn’t help me! They also both work with the wall colour. I’m just worried the one I like throws too mauve in some lights and it’s impossible to know how it will look in a house that doesn’t exist yet! So hopefully I choose right. Fingers crossed!

  3. Jo says

    Hi Amity, we are building a contemporary farmhouse with lots and lots of windows and north facing views.

    I originally chose a dark grey, but then changed my mind (as we are allowed to do!) and went for a much lighter grey. I have to factor in mud etc from the farm so wouldn’t go as light as a beige, but this shade will probably be lovely in the city and in your bedroom only.

    • Amity says

      Hi Jo, I would love to build a contemporary farmhouse with lots and windows and north facing views. Lucky you! :)

  4. Jane says

    Hi Amity, this is just my 10 cents but something to consider re: matte vs gloss floorboards. My sister has gloss floorboards and last year I had my flooboards re-done in a matte finish. TOTALLY regret it! My sister’s boards always look freshly cleaned, even when she hasn’t cleaned them for 2 weeks. Yes, if I get up really close and she points dirt and dust out I can see it, but it is a million times less noticable than on my matte boards. Mine look dirty within a day or 2 of cleaning and show up dust immediately. I really wish I’d gone for a gloss finish, even though I much prefer the look of matte flooboards, as I am constantly cleaning and de-dusting my boards – it drives me insane! The guy who did my floors warned me about having matte boards (and he also talked me out of the really dark stain I was going to have – I eventually went with a stain very similar to the oak colour you have chosen), but I was absolutely adament I wanted matte boards. Really wished I’d taken his advice. Anyway, you might not care about having to clean and dust the floorboards more often, but thought I’d offer my 10 cents. Can’t wait to see your house come together. Very excitng.

    • Amity says

      Hi Jane, I hadn’t thought about that but you’re probably right that they won’t look as clean and shiny. I guess it’s a trade off though, they won’t look squeaky clean and shiny but won’t look scratched and shiny either! My mum has gloss floors and they look great but I don’t think they would look right with the look I’m going for. I do appreciate the 10 cents though, I’ll ask our Choices dealer about it.

  5. Susannah Rose Hoff says

    The lighter colour would be most adaptable, and you can always add a matt or rug over it to make give an area that grey look…the lighter would be harder to keep clean but it would also help the rooms to look clean if it is.

    The lighter colour would also 100% go with everything if you ever wanted to change up the look or style in a particular room, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about the carpet clashing.

    Just go with you gut on this one. The grey is a risk that you may regret but the lighter colour is one that is safe and I don’t think anyone could regret. Good luck! =) xx

    • Amity says

      My gut isn’t being as clear as it usually is on this one Susannah! Yesterday I did think maybe the beige, for the exact reasons you said, but Facebook is firmly in the grey camp! :)

  6. Lynette says

    Linen beige was my immediate pick. And going back to your inspiration bedroom picture it will look close/ same as that scheme.

  7. Jo says

    We will be going grey ourselves (somewhere between almost white and almost black, hows that for not really clear at all), to match the polished concrete everywhere else, but from the photo that shows the beige carpet right up against both the oak and a tile I’d say that they work really well, possibly better than the grey. I suspect you can’t go too wrong with any of these.

  8. Jo says

    I guess my other questions is – if you have chosen the actual type of carpet and know exactly what it will cost etc, how late can you leave it to choose the final colour? Can you wait until the walls and windows are up and choose then once you can hold in the actual light of that room? I have no idea, just asking…

  9. Kylie says

    Hi Amity

    Have you decided on the carpet yet? I chose the Habitat collection also. Which range are you looking at? I picked Marcasite (light greyish) and Evening Grade (I think) from the Verve range. I have a hint of the Hamptons look coming through in some rooms, but not full Hamptons style like yours. You’ll know when you’ve got the right one, keep looking until you do.

    • Amity says

      Hi Kylie, I chose the INSCAPE range, with the Buttery colour. It is neither of the colours I thought I would go with when I wrote the post. It is the lightest shade and I may come to regret it but it’s only in the main bedroom and not the kids rooms so hopefully I can get away with it. The Habitat carpet is really gorgeous. Good luck with your build and keep commenting as you progress! :)

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