Finding the right team to bring the ideas to life

Now that we have the house and the ideas, we need to start looking for the team to make it all happen. If we were in Sydney we wouldn’t hesitate to work with all of our Block tradies again, particularly our builder Brad. Anyone who watched us with Brad will know how much we loved him and what a fantastic builder he was, he had the work output of three men! But unfortunately the commute from Sydney to Adelaide is a bit far for him to do this job for us! However seeing as all the renos we’ve ever done have been in Sydney (both for the Block and when we lived there) we don’t have any contacts here, so we’re starting from scratch.

So what do you do when you’re looking for the right designers and tradies? With the first Block, before anyone knew what ‘The Block’ was, we just had to go through the Yellow Pages (it was so long ago if was before Google!) and we had a few disasters along the way. Tradies who didn’t show up, and then those who did but did an average job and charged us a fortune. In those days The Block was far more true to life, now they all work extra hard to make their businesses look good, as you would expect.

Finding the right people is so crucial, because not only are they bringing your building dreams to life, they are working in your home, so you want to trust both the work they do and the people they are. I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories about renovations where people aren’t happy with the job done and it causes huge stress and financial loss, so this step is not to be rushed. Getting referrals of previous jobs done is important and so is getting along with them, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and trust your gut.

We are also looking at the option of using a building and design company to manage the whole process. It will cost a bit more than managing it all ourselves, but we would have the peace of mind of being quoted for the whole job up front and then having one contact to oversee everything. And there is a lot to be said for both of those things.

Meanwhile I am busy sketching ideas and floorplans and pouring over magazines, websites and Pinterest for inspiration. It‘s an exciting time, but I feel like I’ve been planning forever so can’t wait to actually get started.

If you’ve done a renovation or new build how did you choose your tradies or building team? Any tips you want to share?


  1. Dunc says

    HI Amity,

    Thanks for the blog!! You must have a good builder who has experience with exciting ideas and on trend concepts!!

    Can’t wait to visit.
    Keep Blogging.
    Coffee Martini’s are due.

    • AmityAdmin says

      Dunc, if anyone knows how to manage a build and reno it’s you! And I’m sure we’ll be calling you for advice along the way (and coffee Martini’s in Adelaide soon!) xx

  2. Mel says

    We used New Creation Group for our renovation and they were brilliant from start to finish. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Ours was a fairly small/medium reno but I have seen them do large whole house transformations as well as new builds, so they do the lot. Definitely worth looking into :) Oh and the price was very reasonable and we got them on a recommendation :)

  3. Belinda says

    This blog is perfect for what my family needs. We will need to move house in the next 1-2 years to get in ‘school zones’. The only way we will be able to do this is to buy an old place, do some minor renovations to it and later on add on an extension etc. I don’t know anyone in the building industry so this blog will be great .

    When you bought your house, did you have an idea on what renovations/additions you could do or did you get a builder to go through first before you purchased it?

    Thanks, Bel :-)

    • AmityAdmin says

      Hi Belinda, getting in the right school zone is a big consideration when buying, I know that well. Our new place is in a great zone, although our son has no intention on moving and wants to stay where he is!

      When we were looking we knew exactly what kind of house and block we wanted and want kind of reno and extension we wanted to do. We had a builder and real estate agent friend come through to check the houses we liked to give us his feedback on both building suitability and potential for capital gain. The last thing you want to do is over capatalise in an area that won’t give you the profit you want. Then we got a building inspection before we settled. I’ll be writing a bit more about that process soon. Good luck with your search! x

    • Belinda says

      Thanks so much for the tips you’ve mentioned. I need to make sure everything stays in perspective and that we don’t get carried away. I look forward to reading your blog Xx

  4. says

    We have been DIY renovators over the years (mostly prior to kids) – we have now been in business for 5 years (CSC Building Solutions) specialising in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Having renovated ourselves on many occasions we understand what it’s all about from all angles and how stressful the process can become if you don’t have the right people. My husband Craig is hands on but also oversees coordination of the entire project including trades etc. You can see examples of our work and read more on – good luck with it all.

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