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I love a display home. Really, I love any kind of open inspection, but in display homes everything is new and done in the latest design styes so you can get lots of ideas. The standard of display homes seems to have really stepped up in the last few years too, as consumers have become more design savvy, thanks to shows like The Block.

So I was very excited to attend the launch of Scott Salisbury Homes’ latest display home Oaksbrook, in Adelaide’s St Clair. I’d already had a quick sneak peak before it was finished and really loved it, so I eagerly anticipated the end result. It is quite different for Scott Salisbury Homes, who are typically known for their modern style, with lots of clean lines. This home is much more traditional, with a slightly American influence, and absolutely my style! It has detailed cornices and skirtings, v-joint paneling in the exterior eaves and a warm and luxurious colour palette. It feels sophisticated but not too formal and I love it!

I also love the grey paint colour they’ve used on the internal walls and as it was the exact colour I was trying to find for one our rooms I will be pinching that! The whole idea of display homes is to inspire you, particularly with a custom builder like Scott Salisbury Homes. So while you can’t buy this exact plan you can take the things you like and create your own dream home.

The home is now open by appointment only and at some time in the future I believe it will be open to the general public. Here are some photos for those who can’t see it in person, they never do it justice though! You can also find some of their more modern display homes here. If you have a free weekend they are all open for drops in. If you’re like me and love an open inspection!

SCOT0145 Oaksbrook 798x530 15

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Feeling inspired yet?! x






  1. maree says

    The three drop pendants that are displayed I have over my kitchen bench. I have two as my island bench is not as long. Then I Have the Edison bulb. It looks great and you can put whatever chandelier over the table and it will go nicely. It can work in an older home and then the home whereby I was trying to incorporate the newer look into an older look. The old and the new. These builders have very good interior stylists. Simple and yet elegant and tasteful.

  2. Michelle bate says

    I may not know what I’m talking about…. It certainly looks very extravagant but is almost too show homey. I think because it’s more modern than your hamptons style it lacks the cosy homely feel and even the pretty and stunning style you have.

  3. Niall says

    I was in the Scott Salisbury display home at St. Clair today and LOVED the pale grey interior paint. Did you find out what brand/shade it is? If so could you pass it on please.

    • Amity says

      Hi Niall, isn’t it gorgeous! I’m actually using it in our place too. It’s Dulux Vanilla Quake and they’ve done it double strength. I think it’s the perfect grey. Amity x

  4. Berny Scavo says

    Hi,,, what is their exterior xolour? I was thinking of doing Vanilla Quake double strength on the outside…but so unsure

    • Amity says

      Berny it’s 1/4 strength Solver Lundy Grey. It looks quite different on the sample card to what it does in this house, so you might be best to paint a test patch if you’re not sure. I have Vanilla quake double strength in our toilets and I love it. I think it would love amazing with white and black contracts. The 1/4 Lundy Grey is a more beige grey, is that helps. Choosing exterior paint is hard! Good luck

      • Berny Scavo says

        haha I’ve been going NUTS buying all different sample pots from Dulux,,,,and I still cannot make up my mind for the exterior of my new build!!
        I have narrowed my 10 choices down to 2 lol
        It’s going to be between
        1. Beige Royal
        2. Colorbond Dune

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