Changes to the bathroom layout…what do you think?

Well you can’t say we don’t listen to our followers! We loved hearing your feedback to the floor plan and were so pleased with all the great comments. We also noted that there were a few comments on the need for an extra toilet or powder room, so we went back to our designers At Scott Salisbury Homes and asked them to give us some more options to consider.

Actually, we did discuss the need for a guest toilet many times while we were designing the floor plan and Phil’s dad (who’s an architect) was quite insistent that we include one. However I was never happy with the options we came up with and in the end decided that two toilets was enough for a house that size and the bathroom that would be used the most was the main bathroom, which had easy access from the pool and outside for when we had guests. However a few people, usually with teenagers, also commented that a three way bathroom was more practical for when the kids were getting ready and our daughter was spending lots of time doing her hair. I replied that it would much more likely be our son spending too much time doing his hair, but I get the point!

We also thought about a three way bathroom, but in the end I liked how the all in one bathroom looked better. Not that I want to see a toilet, but I want that pretty picture of the bath under the window and don’t want that to be blocked.

However we did take all your feedback on and decided to back to the drawing board one last time to look at our options. The designers at Scott Salisbury Homes put their heads together and came back with these options. So, now we want your feedback again! Tell us which ones you like and why, or which ones you don’t and why.

Here is option 1, adding a cavity slider door from the hallway to the ensuite toilet so guests can access it. Personally, I don’t like this option because I don’t like the idea of a toilet coming off the hallway. I can just imagine the kids using it with the door wide option and someone comes over to walk into that! I also don’t really want guests using the ensuite toilet, so while this design works I wouldn’t chose this one.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.19.42 am

Option 2. Adding a powder room to what was a storage area in the garage. This definitely works, but again, is it too close to the main living space? It is separated by a nib wall, but still if the kids had the door open it could be a bit dodgy…It would be better if the door came off the garage wall, but that’s just weird.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.19.28 amOption 3. Making the main bathroom a three way bathroom. This eliminates the need for an extra toilet (and extra cleaning!) and I don’t mind the positioning of the toilet out of the way and closest to the door. If we had a nib wall with a cavity sliding door into the shower and bath you could still keep it open most of the time, to get a nice visual (like the stunning bathroom picture) but if you had two people wanting to use the bathroom you could close it. The only thing is there is no window for the toilet so you’d always need the light on, but that’s the same with the ensuite and doesn’t bother me. Every hotel bathroom I’ve ever stayed in has that and we could always do a skylight. I do like this option…

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.19.55 am

Option 4. This one just came through, because I told them I liked the other option but wanted to see how it would work if we made the toilet completely separate. The one change I would make to this one is to get rid of the nib wall and door into the bath and shower because if the toilet has it’s own small basin you wouldn’t need to use that room and at so wouldn’t need the door. I also love that they’ve changed the little storage square in the garage to being accessible from the inside. I love that space!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.35.36 pmAt the moment option 3 or 4 are the front runners for me, but I’m not sure which I liked better. It is practical having the toilet be totally separate, but will it feel cramped with the basin in there? So let me know what you think! You now have influence over our final choice, so choose well!

Amity xx


  1. Deanne Grossett says

    Amity love option 4 keeping the toilet completely seperate from the rest of the bathroom. Eliminating unnessacary bickering between siblings and also two seperate areas so guests can use toilet if someone taking a shower. Kidlets won’t be little forever and will want their own space. We are going through the same process but just slightly ahead with our plans now lodged to council and we have gone with a bathroom, ensuite and powder room. Must be the thing the two way. Our ensuite was going to be two way and i said a definite NO so now seperate powder room!

  2. Michelle says

    Amity, our home has option 4. But without the basin in the toilet. You go into the bathroom next door to wash your hands. And I love it.

    But, we are about to redo our bathroom because our daughter has an ultra rare disability. And the one compromise about the bathroom redesign is we are losing the separate toilet :( But we are doing like your option 3 with the toilet in the bathroom BUT with a cavity slider. My design brief was so that one child can be cleaning their teeth at the sink and the other can be in the toilet and neither of them can see the other.

    Given a choice, I’d be two thumbs up for option 4. But I’m sure whatever you do will be stylish and practical. Good luck with your decision!

  3. Philippa says

    I like option 4 with the toilet totally separate as well. Maybe it could be made to feel bigger by having the door open outwards? Or consider moving the double basin to the opposite wall (toilet wall) and the door to the bath/shower to the side where the double basin is now, so you could have a recess door to the toilet and move the door into the bathroom over? Or just leave it the way it is, hard not knowing measurements. We have a separate toilet with basin in it, and it works well, but I would change the way the door opens and closes to outward instead of inward. Anyway, you’re the expert and I’m sure what you decide on will be perfect! x

  4. Sarah says

    I definitely like 4 best, but no need for the basin to be in there as you have the basins right next door. :) good luck looks great!!

  5. Marg payne says

    Option 3 is the best. You still keep your linen and also one child can shower/ bathe while the other can do hair makeup etc. when I say child I mean teenager. I have this set up and it saves lots of fights.

  6. Debbie says

    We purposely built a seperate toilet with a hand basin in it so if your bathroom is not perfectly clean all the time your guests don’t get to see the mess. I would go with option 4

  7. Kylie says

    Firstly let me say I absolutely love what you are doing.

    Option 4 for me. Its similar to my bathroom layout and great for when you have visitors as well. So easy to work with and I agree moving the nib wall in that bathroom as you won’t need it anymore and it will make it much more open

  8. Jane says

    option 3.

    Having a basin in the little toilet room is to cramped had a toilet like that and did it like it.
    Having to go to toilet in one room then another room to wash hands would not be practical for me with kids. Boys wouldn’t wash hands lol
    Option 3 would be easier cleaning and less little rooms.

    • Amity says

      Thanks Jane. Boys will do anything to get out of cleaning hands right! Oh the things you have to consider when building a family home!

  9. Renae says

    I think the combination of 2 and 3 would be the best. That way as a previous person stated, that when phill has work visitors over they can use the close toilet. However the kids also have seperate toilet and shower so both can be used at once. Instead of one child in the shower and the other one needing to do wee’s and having to use yours and phills toilet. Another plus would be your guests would be able to use the same toilet as phills visitors and not have to go into/near the kids toilet and bathroom, which might not always be up to scratch lon the clean and tidy. Only down side is that’s three toilets in the house. Best of luck making your decision, the house will be amazing either way.

  10. Gene says

    Okay here’s my take…..
    Option 4 BUT with no basin in toilet and no door off passage, but sliding cavity door to both the toilet and the bathroom……..
    One other thing that has got my attention… (besides that bit off garage, and we also need more than we think we do!)….
    would you consider the laundry being “pushed” back into garage say 600mm roughly and having a wall of cupboards along a blank wall that would be formed with doorways in middle….would give you buckets of extra storage, and looks like would be feasible (also gives bit of storage nib in garage??
    You are having vented skylight in ensuite bathroom (velux are great options)?…….
    Love being able to “build” someone else’s house!!! ….
    There will be doubts along the way, but end result is always good……

    • Amity says

      Funny you should say that Gene, because right as I saw your comment I was talking to the designers about how we can get more storage! I agree we could do with some more and your garage idea is a great one, so we might have to look at that…

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the process of ‘building’ the house with us! It’s great having so many heads put together to create the design. Just don’t think you can all move in when it’s done!! ;)

  11. Debra says

    Love all the layouts – I have seen a similar bathroom layout but instead of having the door to the toilet face the hallway, the toilet door opened opposite the hand basins. I liked it as it meant if someone left the toilet door open it wasn’t on display to everyone and there is no excuse for ‘forgetting’ to wash your hands as you had to walk directly past the hand basins!!!!

  12. Julie says

    I like the main bathroom on number 3 shower is bigger and as you said you can have 2 people using the bathroom at the same time with the separate toilet. In saying that I love the idea of the storage area in the garage to be accessible from the house with a door so maybe they could combine that into plan 3 ????

    • Amity says

      Actually the shower is the same size Julie, but I agree in looks bigger in that plan. We are going to look at more storage and are playing with some options now…

  13. Ros says

    I would go with option 4 as this is similar to what we have in our home and it works very well…although we have our basin outside of the toilet in what was originally the linen cupboard. Only suggestion I would make would be to swap the door and robe positions in bedroom 2…I would then steal a little bit of the robe area to recess the small basin you currently have in the toilet area that would eliminate the cramped feeling while keeping a completely separate powder room. Good luck!!

      • Ros says

        I would even put a cupboard with shelving above the recessed basin then you have a place to keep all of those spare ‘essentials’ and cleaning products…….that way you have everything on hand for guests and the family alike :)

  14. Natasha says

    Definitely 3. Growing up with two sisters, this is what we had, except we had three basins. Toilet had a door with lock on it though and there was a cavity door for shower with lock on it. Also, you get to keep your linen storage. When I get the chance to redo our bathroom here, this is what we’ll do again :)

  15. Karen says

    I too like option 4. I think you’ll prefer having the bath centralised rather than over to one side.You’re sacrificing the linen cupboard so you may want to think about a combined linen/storage area where the storage square is, and yes, get rid of the nib wall.

    • Amity says

      Hi Karen, as you will see in our next update, we have used the storage square for a cupboard now, so great minds think alike!

  16. Loo says

    I would go with number 4 but make toilet there where it is a powder room. Then I would make the bathroom one big room with another toilet and just a single sink so there’s room for another toilet that way guests don’t need to go into there at all. We changed our 3 way into just a big room with bath shower sink storage and toilet. Kids will go to the toilet then shower etc

  17. Lynda says

    Option 4, def need to keep a basin in the toilet, guest wise I think this presents better. Does the main bathroom need to be seperated? I think you could move the door down and make it one big room. Good luck with your build!

  18. Jodie Teakle says

    Option 2.
    If Phil has clients over then they’re not going through your whole house just to use the loo. It also allows the kids area to be just that a kids area so if you want to put up something like a times tables poster you can.

  19. Alana says

    Definitely option 4. This way your guests or children can use the toilet if someone is using the shower. Love your Dream home guys… Good luck!

  20. Kara says

    Don’t need to have a sink in with the toilet. Just a loo with a door, done. My inlaws house has an ensuite, they also have a bath/sink/shower room, and a separate toilet. If the bathroom is in use while you’ve pooped and need to wash your hands, you use the kitchen sink. Not a big deal.

  21. Simone says

    I think I would go for Option 2 and also build an attic storage space above the garage so that you will still have your storage. The powder room could then be kept for guests or ‘emergencies’ and the kids will also have a nice big bathroom with lots of light.

  22. Theresa says

    hi Amity
    I like opt 4, we have something similar with a seperate toilet with small vanity even though the main bathroom is next door, we have no kids, but when we have guest over or staying it works really well.
    Loving the look of your house btw!

  23. Julie says

    Def 4…. Having a basin in the toilet means that guests do not have to use the main bathroom. Perfect if you haven’t had time to clean, the kids are in the bath or it’s just a bit messy.

    Looks good amity. Hope all goes well with the build.

    Ours is 12 months down and while we are very happy we still have things that need fixing but the builder is of no help to us.

    Keep on their backs and make sure you follow everything through with them

    • Amity says

      Thanks Julie. Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your builder. They definitely shouldn’t finish until your 100% happy. Good luck with it.

  24. John Feasey says

    Hey Guys, have you considered making the bathroom Jack and Jill style with access from only the bedrooms and then rotating to the toilet 90 degrees. Making better space of the total area and not having a corridor to walk through to get to the bathroom area.

    • Amity says

      Thanks John, interesting idea and I did think about it, but want it accessible from the hallway when we have guests over.

  25. Karen says

    option 3 but don’t have the linen and put the toilet again the hallway wall so your not looking into it from the hallway with a cavity slider. Would also give you more shower space. I would also put a cavity slider on the whole bathroom entrance so if needed can close the whole bathroom off. No running out and around to the toilet if already have your clothes off

  26. DianeTowle says

    The seperate toilet from the garage is a good option. You will not have to worry about the mess the kids might of left behind. You could use the toilet with that has the basin on top of the system to save space too.

  27. Ann McPhee says


    Option 4 without the hand basin. The handbasin in the bathroom can be the community one as the bathroom has a door. Or if you want a basin use a small one that you can now get on the cistern. Love the storage. I have a small toilet downstairs with a basin and due to the size if a big person or preggie lady visits it does limit the space. Have fun with the build and keep us up to date.

  28. Donna says

    Drawing 4 but no door going into the shower/ bath just a cavity slider on entrance. We are going thru the same with reno’s

  29. Julie says

    Hi amity. Tough call but I like option 2. Yes you loose that storage but really the more you have the more junk you collect. I like the idea of the kids still having their own toilet in their own area and no one really has to go near their bedrooms. They won’t be little for long and will soon value their own privacy.

  30. Karen says

    In the laundry could the sink/washing machine flip to the other wall and pinch a bit of space from the garage and have extra linen cupboard along that wall?

  31. Gene says

    Oh Amity, I must apologise first, am bit of a serial rearranged when I see plans, so ignore everything that I am going to say, as first and foremost….it should be what suits your lifestyle as a family unit……
    – rectangle (no offset) shape
    – swap shower and toilet position (reason below)
    – no door to toilet, white glass full height instead of solid wall
    – no linen cupboard, display space if nib, but straight wall would display art
    Study nook
    – push over into storage space and use that storage space allowance on other side and you would be able to get that powder room off the passage (maybe lose bit of space from ensuite as toilet would now be here? – refer ensuite bathroom above)…
    – definitely think about those wall of cupboards ( and pushing into garage) OR , if budget would support, chuck In an extra expose rafter to expand whole back area!!
    Butlers pantry
    – definitely put in a window and a deep sink
    Main bathroom
    – loose the linen cupboard (going to have those extra in the laundry!)
    – no basin in loo, cavity slider for toilet from basins
    – cavity slider to bath area AND I would turn bath onto side wall and have big shower on other with full length window between……
    Oh and those double doors to end passage keep to seperate front from rear…….
    Promise no more…….but will watch all with interest

  32. Helen says

    Why not swing the door back towards the hallway from within the 3-way bathroom, behind/opposite the twin basins, eliminating the need for a small basin in the toilet and eliminating the door opening into the hallway? You could have a cavity slider door in the hallway wall to close off the twin basins, to close off any mess, if desired?

  33. Damien says

    I would definitely say #4 with no nib wall in the bathroom. Personally I would also want a third toilet, but i agree with you that there is no really viable option for that – a door off the entrance hallway isn’t that appealing (i.e. one leading into a powder room created from some of the nook space – not one into your ensuite), and one where the storeroom is doesnt really gain you anything as if it were a client using it they would still have to walk through the living section to get to it, which defeats the purpose of having one for clients so they only see the front part of the house.

    I would definitely consider one of those cisterns that has a basin on top. There are some really nice ones that look great, and it saves plenty of space (and water if you have it draining into the cistern). I would also consider a frosted glass window on the rear wall of the toilet – that would allow natural light into the toilet whilst still being entirely private from the bathroom.

  34. cam says

    Out of all your options, I would say changing the store room to a powder room.
    Personally i would move the nook back and move the powder room to the hall. I think having guests having to go into the guts of the house, particularly if they are business aqaintences is a little off putting.
    My powder room is tucked away next to my laundry. I hate it. You have to go down this dark little hall, like your going to the garage.
    I used to watch a show on foxtel, i cant remember the name but she used to do the most gorgeous powder rooms. They were like a destination on their own.

  35. Jen says

    I really like 4 with the separate toilet but would also add the powder room option next to the nook. Also, you may wish to add a cupboard along the back of your garage with sliding doors for extra storage. Looking great!

  36. Stephanie says

    definitely 3 or 4, if you have more than one child sharing the bathroom, it’s great to be able to have one showering etc while the other does teeth, hair or whatever, especially as they get older! Having the toilet off the hall is good for guests, but it’s too cramped for a basin in there. Pinching some space from the next bedroom would be handy to recess a sink into. Guests are happy and separate, kids are happy and separate. Boys don’t need great big wardrobes, their clothes just end up on the floor anyway!

  37. Julie Newans says

    Hi Amity,
    Totally agree with the removal of the door of the door into the hall from your ensuite. Some food for thought – if Phil has business meetings in his study while the kids & their mates are in & out of the pool do you want them using the same bathroom? The little hall will have water on the floor (won’t matter how many times you say don’t do it) or if you have guests when the kids are in bed they will need to go through a sleep zone. My guess is if you use option 3or4 you will end up using your ensuite on these occasions. Check with the local Realestate about 3 way bathrooms & resale, they are not popular in many places. Personally I think the powder room option 2 would work most efficiently in your multi purpose home otherwise be prepared to make sure the main bedroom, robe & ensuite are perfect all the time. :)

  38. Robyn D says

    Have you thought about bringing the front garage wall towards the street slightly & re-configuring the laundry to accommodate a powder room? Just a thought. Love the plan & look forward to watching your reno. Robyn

  39. Tracey B says

    We have a separate toilet with a handbasin – it is a slightly larger room than a usual loo space but our kids (both boys) still go next door to the bathroom to wash their hands. Go figure…. We have another powder room with a basin next to the rumpus and that is wonderful when the kids (teens) have friends over.

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