Hi everyone, it’s been a long time between posts as the house is now finished and my biggest effort is keeping it clean – just like a typical family home! However I still receive lots of comments and questions about the house from people who are building or renovating and using it as inspiration for their Hamptons dream house. So here is a list of the most common answers I get asked.


Exterior cladding – Wattyl Wicker White

Exterior Trim – Wattyl White

Roof – Colourbond Shale Grey

Interior walls and all joinery including kitchen and bathroom – Wattyl Chalk Dust

Interior trim – Wattyl White

Ceiling and beams – Ceiling White

Kids Bedrooms – Dulux Vanilla Quake

Study – Dulux Pacific Line



Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo


TILES (all from Beaumont Tiles)

Laundry –  97740 Devonshire Sky Gloss 75×300

Kitchen –  97733  Devonshire White Gloss 75×150
Ensuite Walls –  1000891   Devonshire Seamist Gris Gloss 75×150
                          – 97744 Mosaic Carrara Bianco Herringbone (23×48) 280X280
Ensuite Floor – 183019 Rio Limestone Grey 456×456
Bath Walls – 97734 Devonshire White Gloss 75×300
                     – 1000547  Agrestic Ash Gloss 75×150
Bath Floor – 32853  Artisan Oslo Colour GL-Porc Rect 200×200 C714-01 MIST
                    – 32851 Artisan Madrid Colour? GL-Porc Rect 200×200 C715-02 ASH



Alby Turner and Son Kitchens



Plantino Oak in Natural by Choices Flooring



Lazytime by Camerich



Original stone reclaimed from the old house


I think that’s it! I won’t be able to respond to comments or emails for a while as I am working on the workshop of my musical but hopefully this answers most of the questions! xx


Home tour video!

Hey guys. Choices Flooring came to visit and film the house for their website so I thought I’d share it here! I am still receiving lots of comments about the house and try to reply to them when I can but am about to have a very busy month with Fringe shows so if I take a while that’s why. Thanks for the continued love. Amity xx


All the final photos!

Hey guys, I haven’t updated the blog for a while but continue to check on the comments you leave and try to reply to them when I can. Now the house is finished I won’t be posting as much but here are all the final photos, which I’m so thrilled with! They were taken by Brad Griffin Photography and Brad did a wonderful job in capturing the feel of the house. It’s so lovely to have the decorating finally done and to be able to enjoy living in it. There’s still a lot I want to do with the garden but that will be a work in progress, as much as I wish I could click my fingers and have it look established!

So here are all the final photos. Enjoy!


DSC_6950 DSC_6391crop




DSC_6201  DSC_6206  DSC_6200


DSC_6224 DSC_6217 DSC_6212


DSC_6127 DSC_6138 DSC_6131


DSC_6168  DSC_6179




DSC_6271  DSC_6703 


DSC_6321 DSC_6282DSC_6315DSC_6230 DSC_6163



DSC_6319DSC_6563 DSC_6491 DSC_6447DSC_6461


Details below. For extra details check the older posts as I gave a lot of supplier details in each of them.

Builder: Scott Salisbury Homes

Kitchen, Bathroom and all joinery: Alby Turner Kitchens

All Tiles: Beaumont Tiles

Timber floors and carpet: Choices Flooring

Paint: Wattyl

Driveway pavers: Boral

Porcelain pavers: Maison Design


That’s a lot of big photos, so the final shots of the backyard, kids bedrooms, main bathroom and playroom will be in the next post.


The Kitchen, ensuite and deck reveal.

Thanks so much for all the fantastic feedback you’ve been giving us on the blog, Facebook and Instagram, we’ve loved reading all your comments and are thrilled that it’s inspiring people for their own homes.

So here are the next batch of shots, first up our gorgeous Hamptons inspired kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.22.40 PM

In the lead up to designing this I spent many many hours on Pinterest looking at Hamptons style kitchens, so when it came time to doing mine I would know exactly what I wanted. It was always going to have shaker style cabinetry, marble or marble look bench tops, a big island bench, a butlers sink, free standing oven and tiled splash back – they’re pretty much all standard in a Hamptons kitchen. I was also always going to go to Alby Turner and Son to make it, because in Adelaide they are the best company for this style of kitchen. I have admired their work for years and was so excited I was finally getting to do my own kitchen with them! I met our designer, Sophie Doumbiotis and we hit it off straight away. We put thought into every single detail, to make sure the kitchen was as fabulous to work in as it was to look at. Sophie had so many great suggestions on how to store things, just little ideas that make a difference like the bin pulling out from the middle of the island bench, which is so handy, and lots of the deep drawers with smaller drawers inside them, to make the most of every bit of space. I would send Sophie links to online pics late at night and she’d respond straight away, we both get equally excited about kitchens!

As I wrote about earlier on the blog I weighed up the pros and cons of marble and decided it was too risky with a family home (and a daughter who is obsessed with craft and drawing) and I wanted the island bench to be the heart of the home and not to be worrying about every tiny thing that went on it. So I went with Caesarstone, which to me looks just as good as marble but is way more practical. I chose the Statuario Nuvo, which has the veined marble look, but is a slightly warmer tone from their Calcutta Nuvo (which is also gorgeous, so it was a tough choice.)

I absolutely adore the butlers sink, which is huge and can fit the largest of trays and baking dishes. You can also hide dishes in there if people pop over unannounced! The tap has a pull down option, which you really need for such a large sink. On the right of the sink is the concealed dishwasher. I went with the Bocsh one (after it received the most recommendations on our FB page) and it’s fantastic! I may have mentioned before that we didn’t have a dishwasher in our last house so this may be my favourite thing of the whole house!!

In the butlers pantry there is another sink, a dish drawer and the pantry storage. We designed it so you would only see closed cupboards from the main area and the food shelves are in the corner, so it looks tidy but is still practical. This is also the coffee/toast/sandwich making area. We made the fridge accessible from both the pantry and the kitchen which also works really well.

The oven is the freestanding Ilve oven and convectional oven with Teppanyaki hotplate. It’s a new model that has a 1000mm top with a 700mm oven and 300mm convectional microwave built in. How fancy is that?! I haven’t actually used the teppanyaki plate yet because we’ve been using the BBQ non stop, but I will!

Above the oven there is a patterned feature on the tiled splashback, which if you look closely is a variation of the herringbone pattern. I came up with this pattern because I wanted something slightly different to the standard herringbone. These tiles are hand cut subway tiles in a warm white/cream and they’re from Beaumont Tiles. They shine when the light hits them and I love them!

Finally with the lighting I have a combination of down lights and pendants, with lighting built into the cabinetry as well. I decided to go with two pendants above the island instead of three because I felt like three was a bit done to death, but both would’ve worked. Then I added some texture and warmth with the oak stools. I did try white stools first but felt like it was too much white, so I changed to oak.

Next up, the ensuite….

SSH Ensuite

My inspiration for this was the luxury American bathrooms I have drooled over on Pinterest (you can find my bathroom board here) which were always grey, marble and white. The shaker cabinetry is also from Alby Turner and Son, who did all the joinery in the house, and they’re painted Wattyl Chalkdust, the same as the walls. The grey tiles are a hand-cut subway tile from Beaumont Tiles and they are the most gorgeous warm grey colour. The marble mosaic is also from Beaumont Tiles – you can’t have a Hamptons bathroom without marble and I decided if I had any marble it would be in the room the kids don’t use ! The taps cut into the ceiling height mirror looks amazing but was a bit of a challenge, we went through two cracked mirrors to get to this point! Finally we installed a skylight in the ceiling so we didn’t have to have the lights on all the time, because it’s an internal room. The toilet is on the right and is painted the same grey colour as the tiles. We also have underfloor heating, which we had on The Block All Stars and I feel in love with, it’s so nice to wake up to!

Next up, the deck and living…

SSH Lounge

The exposed beams were really the first thing we were certain on with the house because we knew we wanted to do them every since our Block All Stars renovation, where we had cathedral ceilings. Yes, they’re probably dust catchers but I love how they look so much that I don’t care! They give such wow factor and make an impact the minute you walk in the room. They give the space height and impact and give the home character. So the were there from the start and when our Scott Salisbury Homes designer, Peter, suggested we take them through to the deck we loved that idea and the house really grew from there. Again the look I’ve gone for when decorating is Hamptons meets modern country, which an emphasis on neutral and blue and white tones and natural textures. I love bright colours but in this house I wanted it to be very calming and soft, which works beautifully.

The sandstone fireplace is another thing I love. We recycled the sandstone from the original house and had it cut into tiles and it looks so beautiful and warm. I can’t wait to turn the fire on as soon as this unseasonably warm weather ends, although we have enjoyed being able to swim right up until May! I realised after posting this photo that the TV is crooked (I had only seen the photo on my phone!) but don’t worry it’s not always like that – my OCD couldn’t handle that! It’s on an arm that tilts and moves so it must have been tilted.



This artwork is from our dear friends Waz and Gav, from the first Block series. It’s from their Designer Boys Art Collection and I have a few of their pieces, their whole range is stunning. These ones went perfectly with the house and I’ve had my eye on them for years!

These shelves were definitely a labour of love to style. I spent weeks, actually months, looking at them, moving things, buying things and stressing over it until it was just right. Shelves are hard to style and there are a lot of shelves in this house! I wanted to get the mix right between looking magazine ready but also like a family home. I wanted it to have character and depth and texture and stay within the soft tones of the room. Hard, but worth it once you get it right!


SSH Deck

I love that this shot shows the skylights, which are such a great feature. I love looking up to see sky and clouds, and trees from certain angles, it’s so restful. We have since added plantation shutters to the windows above the outdoor kitchen, unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time for this shoot. The outdoor kitchen is so fabulous, we use it all the time. That was also by Alby Turner kitchens. I went with a stainless steel bench top here, which is great for outside. Seeing as Poppy loves to paint and craft on this outside table it’s also good to not worry about it getting dirty!

SSH Pool13096288_1016059245139492_3416305344113742020_n13076566_1016059261806157_4333344296308087154_n

In our old house we had a tiny paved courtyard and a dark living area, so this is such an amazing change! Being able to open up the bifold doors and let the light in is just heaven and this yard and deck has literally changed how we live. We used to have to go out on the weekends to enjoy the weather but now we don’t need to go anywhere. If the kids say they’re bored I won’t hear of it! With all that lawn, the pool, a trampoline and a puppy – what more could they want?!

The pool is the Symphony from Narellan Pools and the colour is quartz grey. It’s interesting that a grey pool turns a beautiful turquoise colour when it has water in it and that’s the exact colour I wanted – the colour of Fiji beaches! We weighed up the pros and cons of a fibre glass versus concrete pool and I’m really happy we went with this one. You can’t even tell it’s fibreglass when the coping was done.

The pavers are porcelain pavers from Maison Design and they have a very high non slip rating, which is perfect for around pools. I know light pavers are probably a bit impractical for keeping clean, but they look so pretty! I came up with the idea to do the river pebbles around the edge to cover the black drain, which I thought was a pretty good way to disguise it. And then there’s the lovely glass fence, which is also a nightmare to keep clean but looks so fab. That is from Signature Stainless, who were fantastic to deal with.

We’ve entertained so much since we got here and it really is the dream Australian lifestyle, which was exactly our aim when we were planning the house. We feel very lucky indeed to have such a beautiful house to call our own and are once again so appreciative to our builders, Scott Salisbury Homes for doing such a great job.

Have a great weekend and I will be back with kids bedroom, playroom and study photos next week.

Amity xx

The dream of custom joinery

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and its design is one of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to building or renovating your home. For me which company to go with was always a simple decision though, because I have admired their work for years. I wanted an Alby Turner & Son kitchen. Alby Turner and Son have been in Adelaide for over 40 years and I personally think they are the best company here when it comes to Hamptons or Provincial style kitchens and joinery. They’re probably fabulous at all styles of joinery, but I think it’s in this style they really shine.

So when we started I went to speak with Rob Turner and Sophie Doumbiotis, their head designer, to talk about the kitchen I wanted and I knew immediately they got the look I was after. Rob sent me an email after our chat to show me a kitchen they had done recently and asked if that was what I was going for….


To which I replied ‘Um…YES!!!!’

However when we first chatted I didn’t realise they were also able to do the bathroom cabinets, laundry, wardrobes and all the joinery for the house, giving the whole place a tailored and luxurious look that I had only ever dreamed about. It’s actually meant I hardly need to take a cupboard with me because everything will be built in.

Oh the storage I have!! The house we’ve been living in for the last 9 years has barely any built in cupboards and no wardrobes at all, so I had to bring everything in and our wardrobe situation is atrocious. So to go from that to having more cupboards and better designed storage than I could have ever imagined is truly a dream.

Sophie and I spent hours talking about how I wanted to use the space and what we needed for it to be functional and user friendly. So it not only looks gorgeous from the outside but it will make our lives easier as well. Sadly Sophie hasn’t designed cupboards that put things away for you yet, but it’s as close as I’m going to get!

In the kitchen I have an island bench with lots of drawers and a pull out bin in the middle. On the side their are hidden powerpoints in both ends, which are fantastic! With the cupboards, every space has been used to maximise storage, from the tray rack, the hidden wine shelving, the pull out oil and spice rack and the double drawers which look like one deep drawer from the outside. Honestly, to go from what I have to this – I won’t know what to put in all these cupboards!

We designed the butlers pantry so the part you see will look the same as the kitchen and then the open shelving for food will be around the corner, so it’s neat and tidy. There is another dishdrawer in there, in addition to the full dishwasher in the kitchen, and a small sink for washing up coffee mugs, breakfast and prep stuff. There’s also a rack for trays and platters and plenty more cupboards.


The butlers pantry already has more storage than my current kitchen (and looks way better too!)

And that’s just the kitchen! In the laundry I have cupboards on both sides, with a built in ironing board and two pull out dirty clothes baskets. There is also a ‘mud room’ area for hanging school bags and coats and drawers for dirty footy shoes and the like. I am very excited about that bit!

The bathrooms have double drawers, again with hidden powerpoints, and I have a study nook in the main living area, which you can hide behind folding doors that look like cupboards when you have guests. So no one sees all your paperwork and mess, which there is currently piles of on my kitchen table! This study nook also has drawers and shelves and two fantastic phone, ipad and laptop charging stations that you press to use or hide away again. So the kids can do homework or play on the computer in full view of us and then I can work there while they’re at school. Love, love, love!



The kids wardrobes are equally impressive, with features I wasn’t even expecting. They have a pull down leaver, to maximise the extra height for more hanging space. So the kids have no excuse not to hang up their clothes. When Jamison first saw it he thought I had put exercise equipment in his wardrobe!


Finally, two of my favourite features of the house – the shelving and cupboards in the living area and study. I had a picture I loved on Pinterest and told Sophie I wanted exactly that in the living room, using the sandstone from the original house.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.42.36 pm

My inspiration..and how mine looks now!!



I cannot wait to get in and style those shelves, there is my summer holidays project right there!

Then there is the study, which we are painting a deep indigo colour. So Alby Turner painted the back of the cupboards to match in with the walls, which looks stunning (if you ignore the handprints I haven’t wiped down yet!).


This room will be Phil’s office but I have left a big space in the middle to put a TV, so it could also double as a media room. Again, the styling of these shelves will be carefully managed and I’ve told Phil he can’t just put anything haphazardly in them. For the first month or so at least!

I think it’s pretty obvious how happy I am with all of this and I cannot rave enough about how great Sophie, Rob and the Alby Turner team have been to work with. I really can’t believe this is my house because it looks way too fancy and impressive, but I guess that will sink in once I’ve been there for a while. :)

Just under two weeks to go….

Amity x