Bathroom selections (and being a girl who knows what she wants)

Finally, after months and months of looking at pictures of what I want in the house I’ve made it to the selections stage, where I can actually chose things. Hooray!

The process when you build with a company is very different to managing it yourself, which I’ve always done before. The team at Scott Salisbury Homes oversee everything and just direct me to the showrooms I need to make my selections in. When I arrive they already have my plans in front of them and know exactly what I need and what specs it has to meet. It is just so ORGANISED! I have already told our Design Manager Katrina that I want her to run every aspect of our lives, because I only wish it all ran this smoothly.

First up was the bathroom, laundry and kitchen selections, at the Routleys showroom in Unley. It’s a lovely showroom, it’s just been completely redone and is very on trend, with ‘scenes’ set up including pendant lights and tile ideas, so it’s great to get inspiration if you don’t know what look you want.



But as you’re probably getting to know, I am definitely a girl who knows what she wants!

I went in there with my laptop and Pinterest page ready, so I could refer to the bathroom pictures I’d chosen when I wasn’t sure on something. I hadn’t worked the products I wanted, but I definitely had a look in mind. This is where I cannot stress enough how much preparation and research helps both you and the sales people helping you. When you’re looking at 50 taps it’s very hard to decide which you like more, so taking pictures of bathrooms you like helps give you a reference point.

So because I had done my homework I powered through the selection process and got it all done in 2 hours. I think I may have broken the showroom record! Not that I was rushing my decisions, not in the slightest, I just believe that your first instinct is usually the right one. Having done The Block within the last two years was also a huge help. Firstly because I wanted to use some of the products I had used in All Stars and secondly because I learned how to be decisive when I had to be.

Although funnily, when I told my mum that she told me I had always been like that and remembers us going to the florist to discuss my wedding flowers and me taking a heap of photos, explaining what I wanted and then leaving within 30 minutes, with the florist commenting that brides normally took four times that long! I don’t remember that, but I guess I have always been pretty strong in what I wanted. Unlike my lovely mum, who would go to every bathroom showroom in Adelaide, take every brochure, deliberate on every pro and con of the products and deliberate over her choices for weeks! I hear plenty of cases like that, like my friend who took 4 months to chose her kitchen splashback. I bet she ended up going back to her first choice too! We all have different shopping styles and there’s nothing wrong with spending lots of time on these decisions until you’re 100% satisfied with your choice. After all, you’re spending a lot of money and will be living with it for a long time, so you do want to be happy. But the more research you do first, the easier the process should be.

Finally, remember you don’t have to buy the most expensive items in the showroom to have a stylish end result. The first kitchen tap I chose was a mid range tap that I really liked the look of, but I then noticed a similar tap I also liked and asked for the price on that one. It was $1400 more!! There was no way I would get $1400 more wow factor if I went with that tap, so it was a no brainer to go with the cheaper one. There are some items where spending extra money will make more of an impact, but there are other areas where you get the same result for less. And you don’t keep the price tag on them!

(Having said that I did see a stunning bath that was $8000 and looked every cent of it. I didn’t get it, because my kids will be using that bath and I could never justify it – but damn it was a sexy bath!)


The bath has the same contours as a woman’s body. Sexy.

It was a very fun process and a big thanks to the lovely Helen at Routleys for being so helpful. Next is floors and tiles. Floors I’m pretty set on but tiles I am less sure. So I don’t think I’ll be breaking any records there!


What is your shopping style? Are you someone who knows what they want or do you like to take your time with your decisions? Let me know how you go about it…





  1. Letitia says

    Yes I’m just like you! But definitely hard sometimes to find exactly what you want when it’s set in your head. Went to Routleys last week. Great showroom! x

  2. Jo says

    Being a working mum of three ranging in age from 6.5 to 16 months, my shopping style resembles yours Amity. Heaps of research at night once the readers are done, the dishes are done and the kids are fast asleep, lots of pictures and warp speed when it comes to shopping!

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