All the final photos (Part 2)

As promised here is part 2 of the final photos. If you missed part 1 you can find it here.



DSC_5985 DSC_5996 DSC_6003


DSC_6069 DSC_6061 DSC_6054 DSC_6073


DSC_6142 DSC_6147  DSC_6151


DSC_6085  DSC_6122

DSC_6087straight  DSC_6106



Details below. For extra details check the older posts as I gave a lot of supplier details in each of them.

Builder: Scott Salisbury Homes

Kitchen, Bathroom and all joinery: Alby Turner Kitchens

All Tiles: Beaumont Tiles

Timber floors and carpet: Choices Flooring

Paint: Wattyl

Pool: Narellan Pools

Pavers: Maison Design

Thanks for following this blog and our building journey. I hope you’ve been inspired by the process! Massive thanks again to Scott Salisbury Homes and Alby Turner & Sons Kitchens, who we worked with closely to create our dream home and had such a wonderful experience with. And who knows, we might decide to build again and I’ll see you again then!

Amity xx


  1. Katherine says

    Hi Amity,
    I love all the photos and think your home looks absolutely beautiful.
    Could you please tell me the paint colour of the kids bedroom walls (and trim)? Also who supplied the bedroom internal bedroom wardrobe doors?

    • Amity says

      Thanks Katherine. The kids walls are Dulux Vanilla Quake and the trim is Wattyl White. The wardrobes are Alby Turner & Son Kitchens. :)

  2. Karyn says

    Hi Amity, I have been waiting for your final photos, and am not disappointed. Absolutely perfect. Could you please tell me what the blue tiles in your laundry are called, I really love them. Thank you.

  3. Anne says

    Hi Amity, we have used the same cladding and i was wondering how your architrave on the windows on the outside have been finished. Were they placed over the top of the weatherboards (so the weatherboards sit under the architrave slightly) or were the weatherboards butt up against the edge of the architrave? We are at that stage of our reno and your help would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Amity says

      Mmm, that’s a tricky one! I just looked at it and it kind of does both. The boards butt up against the architrave, but the architrave does sit slightly in front. I would say the windows frames butt up to to it but the architraves sit a little on top. I hope that helps! Good luck with your reno!

  4. steph says

    Beautiful! Im wondering if you could possibly tell me what colour Wattyl paint you have used for the exterior, both the main colour and the trim? Thanks!!

  5. Allison Serrao says

    Hi Amity,
    The house looks absolutely perfect! I was wondering if you could please share where you source all of your artwork from please?
    thanks, Allison

    • Amity says

      Hi Allison, some of it is from Designer Boys Collections, which is our friends Waz and Gav from the first series of The Block. I also have a few pieces from Driftwood Interiors, they’r great for inexpensive coastal and blue and white prints. I also buy prints from Toucan and just buy Ikea frames. You don’t have to spend a lot to have lovely artwork in your home!

  6. Kylie says

    Hello, you’re home is so very lovely… thanks for sharing your outcome. Could you tell me where you sourced the sconce wall lights in the ensuite?

    • Amity says

      Hi Kylie, they’re from In Style Lighting in Adelaide, on Anzac Highway. Nice wall sconces are hard to find in Australia!

  7. Helen Feltrin says

    just came across your page, the house is just so beautiful……i love the colours used i would love to have a home just like this .well done to both.

  8. Kylie Duggan says

    I’m ready to move in!!!! Just so beautiful, you should be so pleased with the outcome, fantastic work!

  9. Cheryl says

    Hi Amity, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your house is beautiful – homely & comfortable yet also functional. I’m interested to hear if you like the family bathroom set-up i.e. vanities outside the shower area? I’m wondering if it would be more family friendly and functional with one vanity inside the shower area and one outside. We have designed our bathroom like this but after seeing your plan It’s got me thinking that 2 vanities outside shower area would be better. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks

  10. Penny says

    Hi Amity, what a gorgeous home you have created for your family! I’d love to know the dimensions of your block of land as we have recently purchased a similar sized block and finding it hard to work out where the house site should be as our block is almost square!

  11. Rebecca says

    Hi Amity,

    Your house is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. Would love to know what the brand and colour the pool coping and pavers are? They look amazing.

    Thanks, Rebecca

    • Amity says

      Hi Rebecca, they’re porcelain pavers from Maison Design in Adelaide. #7653 code, the colour is cream travertine. I’m really happy with them. They look like travertine but have a higher slip rating and are cheaper.

  12. Michelle says

    Hi Amity, love what you have done, absolutely beautiful. Can you please advise where you got your outdoor furniture from, much appreciated. Michelle

  13. Chloe says

    Hi Amity, you may have already mentioned this, but save me reading back through everyone’s comments. What is the total size of just you living space not the decks or verandas or garage. Xx

  14. Michele Roberts says

    Hi Amity
    Love your House :) absolutely gorgeous
    could you please tell me the wall colour throughout the living areas please
    and also the size & pattern you used for pavers outside x

  15. Marian Elliot says

    I am building a weather board home.
    Was going to us travertine on the floors, but noticed you used Plantino Oak.
    I want a floor that looks clean even if it is a bit dirty, and does not show any tracking marks.
    The floor I am living with now is a ceramic terracotta tile and shows every bit of dirt, watermark fluff and tracking marks, so I want to get it right in the new house.
    What do you think.

    I have a sandstone brick fence, and wanted advise on the colour of the weather boards.
    I am using a galv roof and gutters. I want pale colours something that goes with the wall and dosn’t
    show too much dust and dirt.

    • Amity says

      Hi Marian, I LOVE our floors. And I am not a super regular floor mooper so i assure you they look good even when they’re dirty! I can’t recommend them enough, I’ve been really happy with them. As for the weatherboards we used Wattyl Wicker White but I can’t advise on your exact house without seeing photos. But I do do online consultations if you’re interested in me giving you specific advice. Hope that helps!

  16. Laura Main says

    Hi Amity,
    Your house is absolutely gorgeous, I love every inch of it (as I’m sure you do too!) I love your front door, and my husband has just painted mine gloss black for me- but we are looking for hardware like yours, do you remember where you bought it from? Thanks, Laura

    • Amity says

      Hi Laura, thanks!

      They were from a catalogue that Scott Salisbury Homes uses but I’m not sure who the supplier was. I will try to remember to email and ask them but they may not have many people on at this time of the year. But I’ll endeavour to get back to you and if I forget message again to remind me! :)

  17. Krista says

    What a beautiful home! Your decorating skills are impeccable! Could you share where you got the bedding for the master bedroom? I love the colors. Thanks!

  18. Nadine says

    Hi Amity

    Your home is gorgeous. I’m struggling to make my reno as pretty on a tight budget… wish me luck. Could you tell me what flooring you used for the main area. It looks like hardwood but it could be engineered wood. What species did you use and how were they treated (if at all). Thanks for the help.


    • Amity says

      Hi Nadine, I used Plantino Engineered Oak from Choices Flooring and it’s fantastic. However if you’re on a tight budget you could always look at timber looking vinyl or laminate. I am so impressed with how far the products have come and there’s a lot more options out there now for people who want a stylish look on a budget. Check out Choices Flooring for some good options. All the best with the reno!

  19. Vickie says

    Hi Amity

    I would like to say your home is absolutely beautiful. I found it on the internet last night and have been reading all the comments and looking at the photo’s again today. I have a little weatherboard cottage in Kersbrook, SA and will be having it painted in the next month. I have chosen some colours and would love to ask your opinion of them as I can not picture how it will look. I read in some of your replies you have a consultation type service? Could I please have the details?

    Kind Regards
    0409 001 586

  20. Jen says

    Hi Amity,

    Your house is my dream house!! Could you tell me what the tiles on your laundry walls and floor are, and also what floor tile/colour you used in your main bathroom and ensuite?

    Thank you :)

  21. Helen says

    Hi Amity,

    Can you tell me the square meterage of your house including verandah sand garage please? Love your house by the way…its beautiful!!

  22. Sacha says

    I don’t know you from a bar of soap but I legitimately got chocked up when I started looking at your pictures. This might be your dream house; but it also encapsulates my ideal of ‘perfect’. Well done! And goddamn that laundry makes me want to do the washing!

  23. kasey says

    Hi Amity,

    I am after the same pendant light you have in your master bedroom I have 2700 high ceilings and unsure if you went the medium or large? If you could please advise that would be great! thank you

    • Amity says

      Hi Kasey, I can’t actually remember! But it’s a big room so I would think it was the large. Hope that helps! :)

  24. Pru says

    Hi Amity

    Your home is stunning – so warm and inviting. You are very talented!! Could you please share where the sofas in your main living and music rooms are from? I’m on the hunt for an new sofa.

    Thank you


    • Amity says

      Thanks Pru! The living room sofa is the Lazytime from Camerich. Not cheap but super comfy and luxurious. The music room sofa is from Ikea! Super cheap, looks way more expensive than it is and has removable covers for cleaning. :)

  25. Kate says

    Love your house Amity!!!
    Always loved your taste throughout watching you on the block.
    Would you mind if I asked where your hall lights are from and what they’re called?
    Couldn’t find it mentioned in all the comments apologies if it was there and didn’t see

    • Amity says

      Hi Kate, they’re from a lighting store in Adelaide on the Parade in Norwood. You can also get similiar from Beacon Lighting.

  26. Shelley says

    Hi Amity,
    I love the kids bedrooms. Can you tell me the distance between the floor and the bottom of the windows in the kids bedrooms? I am trying to work out what is a good distance so the window doesn’t look to high but still gives useable space under the window if you need.

  27. leaonie says

    Hi Amity
    just adore that laundry. We are renovating and extending our 1920, s cottage. Can you tell me the name of benchtop and also those gorgeous tiles on splasback. Also where can I buy them.
    Never had a nice laundry and now is my last chance.

  28. Jo Turner says

    Hi Amity, I love everything about your house. Well done! I just wondered what colour your roof is? Thanks Amity x

  29. Katie White says

    Hi Amity
    Are you able to tell me where you found your modular sofa in your main living..? It’s perfect!

  30. Renee says

    Hi Amity,

    I have a similar deck and roof design as yours and I was wondering what you’ve done where the end of the verandah roof meets the end of the house roof. Mine has an open space over the house roof and I feel like it doesn’t quite look finished. I can see that you’ve followed the forked decorative timbers along the underside of the verandah roof which looks great. Would you mind sharing a close up photo of how you’ve finished that area of the roof?

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