A month today!

It’s been a month today since we moved into the house and it’s definitely been a busy time with the move, Christmas, unpacking, New Years, school holidays, my birthday and endless decorating and cleaning. Honestly, I have never cleaned and worried so much about keeping a house tidy in all my life!

Our previous house was old and had plenty of character (read: cracks and worn paint) so it could be a little lived in (read: dusty) without anyone noticing. But with a brand new, very white house, you notice! I seem to constantly have a micro-cloth in my hand so I can wipe down surfaces, making me feel like I’ve turned from someone who was fairly relaxed about these things into my mother!!

One thing is for sure, it certainly looked perfect on handover day, when we were greeted by our team from Scott Salisbury Homes with champagne and cheese, to do our official walk through.




It was such a wonderful moment to know it was finally ours, as our site manager Thomas went through each room and changed the locks from builders keys to our keys. I never knew they did that, I just thought all our tradies would have keys to our house and we’d have to trust them!!

As we walked through and the kids excitedly ran into their rooms (and eventually got down to knickers and jumped in the pool) it still felt completely surreal that it was ours to keep. To be honest, even after a month I still can’t believe it’s ours to keep.

I have loved the building process so much and funnily enough will miss it now that it’s finished. I can’t rate the team from Scott Salisbury Homes highly enough, I have had such a great experience working with them all. I have to give a special thanks to our site manager Thomas Taylor, who I have spoken to pretty much every day for the last 6 months. I am an unashamed perfectionist and so is Thomas, so I knew every detail would be taken care of and managed to the highest standard, especially when I was away on tour. There was even a time where I posted a photo on our Facebook page that Phil had sent me and Thomas saw it and noticed someone wasn’t quite right, so had it changed! That is attention to detail!


Some of the SSH team we’ve been working with, Thomas Taylor, Nicole Staples and Lyndon Henman.


Thomas and I. He’s been fantastic, but I won’t miss him calling me at 7am!

So now I just have to learn how to maintain that standard of keeping the house looking like I want it to, while having two kids and a puppy live here. Does anyone know how to do that?!!!

After they left I called my family to come over and we sat on the deck while the kids swam and we drank champagne and took a moment to take it all in, before heading back to finish packing and cleaning. And as it turned to dusk and I put the lights on and looked back at the house I thought, imagine if you lived in a house like that – how lucky would you feel.


Amity x







    • Amity says

      Thanks Tracy! I think that one was from a boutique called Karibu in North Adelaide. I get lots of my dresses from there! The necklace is from Handmade by Mabel, it’s handmade by two mum friends of mine and you can find them on Instagram.

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    Your house looks absolutely STUNNING. I can’t wait to see more! We moved into our new build in November in the Hills and I love it but it’s not even close to being as nice as yours. I’ll be following for some decorating and styling tips as I am also after the Hamptons feel

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