A blue, white and Hamptons inspired home

With the end of school term craziness and Christmas fast approaching I’ve been a bit slack with blog updates, but I’m sure you’re all similarly busy anyway!  We are just about to submit our plans to council and will be announcing our builder and sharing our plans in the first week of January. I can’t wait to show you all our dream house! And even though the council application will take a few months and then the build will take about 6 months I am already thinking ahead to all the fun stuff, like painting and decorating, and planning what I want to do. I am overseas for a few weeks in January and then touring my show for a few months later in the year, so that will be a good way to keep occupied and not hanging around the builders like a child asking ‘Are we there yet’ repeatedly! But because of that I am putting a lot of thought into what I want to do now, because I know I will be a lot busier as we get closer to moving in, so want to have a good idea of our plans beforehand.

One thing I am pretty set on is that the main colour scheme for house will be blue and white. When it comes to decorating blue would have to be my favourite colour (aside from white of course.) Whether it’s navy, cobalt, turquoise or duck egg blue, these shades just make me happy and when you team any of them with white it immediately looks classic, fresh and very Hamptons. In fact, the first room we ever painted (and the only time I’ve ever painted with a colour that’s not white) was when we were setting up the nursery for our first baby. We didn’t know what we were having but I chose a cornflower blue anyway. I figured if it was a girl I would bring in lots of pink accents. We did have a boy though and I loved his room so much, it made me feel happy whenever I went in there. Unfortunately Jamison didn’t love it as much though and spent most of his first year sleeping in our room, until we moved to another house!


Jamison’s nursery. So pretty, not that he ever slept in there.

Another shade I love is duck egg blue. We just did a room makeover for a TV episode airing next year and used a gorgeous duck egg grassweave wallpaper that looked absolutely divine, so that is definitely on my list of things to consider. Last year I also painted our timber buffet white and duck egg and it transformed a boring looking piece to something fresh and current, so I want to use that somewhere in the house.


Another shade I really want to use is navy. And I’m actually thinking about painting a whole room in a deep navy, which is unlike anything I’ve done before. Every renovation or decoration I’ve done to date has been about resale, so I’ve always stayed very neutral with my paint colours. As I said many times before if you’re trying to sell your house stick to neutral paint colours, so you appeal to as many people as possible, but if you’re painting your own home to stay there, go to town! Well I have never been able to go to town before and I kind of want to do something bold. It’s only paint, if we don’t like it we can always change it.

If I was to do a navy room there would be lots of white trims with windows, doors and built-in cupboards to contrast and prevent the room from looking too dark. But I’m thinking of doing it in Phil’s study, so I want it to be a bit masculine anyway. Look how great these rooms look…


Navy blue grassweave wallpaper with white moulding panels. Dramatic and gorgeous.


A stunning Suzanne Kasler bedroom with navy walls.

The room I am most excited about decorating is my music room, which will be a kid free zone where I can write and rehearse, plus an adults sitting room. Right now my piano is in the main living area so when I want to play or write I have to compete with the TV and Poppy playing around me, so the idea of having my own room at the opposite end of the house to the kids is pretty exciting. And if they don’t use that room it will stay tidy, so that is even more exciting! So that’s the room I will go the most formal in, with the main living area being much more relaxed. This is the look I want to go for in there, white and blue with accents of black and rattan. Very Hamptons!


Ralph Lauren’s own home. Now that’s some inspiration!

I might even use some fabulous wallpaper, like this…

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.29.10 pm

I also love cobalt blue and that would be perfect for Jamison’s room. He has always had a red, blue and white room because I love that preppy all American look for boys (Pottery Barn does that very well.) But now he is more grown up we can go a little edgier, which will be fun. He has lots of his own ideas and is quite creative so it will be great to involve him in decorating his room.

We changed the formal lounge to a third bedroom, adding $100K value

We did a red, blue and white theme for the kids room in The Block All Stars. It’s so timeless (and we won this week!)

Although there will definitely be one room that won’t be blue and I’m sure you can guess who’s that will be! Of course Princess Poppy has to have pink, but my ideas for her room are worthy of their own post so that will come later. Agh, how am I going to wait 10 months before I can do all this?!

For more blue and white inspiration check out my ‘Blue, white and Hamptons’ Pinterest board. I’m sure to be pinning plenty more inspiring pics there in the coming months, while patiently waiting til I can take it from the computer screen to our home.


  1. Sara says

    Thanks for this post!! Last weekend we made a very bold purchase of 2 navy blue leather sofas for our yet to be completed new home. This gives me confidence we have made a great choice!! Thank you and merry Christmas xx

    • Amity says

      Thanks Sara. Navy is so classic and won’t date. Hope I’ve given you some good ideas on how to style around it. Merry Christmas! X

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