56 days until Christmas…and meet our new family member!

The countdown until Christmas is officially on, and more than ever for us this year as we’ve been assured by Scott Salisbury Homes that we will be in our house by then. That’s not to say everything will be 100% finished, it definitely won’t be. But I don’t care, as long as we can have our family lunch on the deck and swim in the pool I am happy. So it’s all systems go to make that happen, along with every other builder, renovator or garden improver in Adelaide it seems! Everyone I’m dealing with is flat out in the lead up to Christmas, because tradies usually go pretty quiet in January so it’s hard to get much done.

Even now when I’m trying to book in landscaping and pool related matters I’m hearing that people are booked up until January. Disaster! One minute it was August and too early to organise all these things and now suddenly it’s too late.

Remember when I wrote that post about saving money for landscaping? Oh my god, I had no idea. It is SO EXPENSIVE!!! With a block as big as ours I could drop $100K without even blinking to get it to look like I want. And who has that after building a house?!! So it will need to be done in stages, with the emphasis on liveability and the front exterior getting done first and then the far back after that.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.54.12 pm

The pool went in first and has been boarded over ever since. The concrete has been laid for the pool fence, but there is still SO much to do.

Thankfully Narellan Pools made some time so they could connect the pool in December, so at least that will be working. Now my aim is to have most of the paving and at least half of the grass done by Christmas. So that way we can enjoy the yard and the kids won’t be dragging dirt in, but we can work on the rest over Summer. I just hope we’re not one of those people that ends up with nothing but dirt in the front and back yards, because now I so understand that!

Onto other matters, the bathroom and laundry benchtops went in yesterday and I LOVE them!


I ended up going with Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo, which is one of their new marble inspired designs. I wrote about my considerations whether to do real marble or not in an earlier post and in the end I decided I would rather the practicality of Caesartone over the fragility of marble. I love the look of the Statuario Nuvo, it has a slightly brown tinged vein and a warmer tone than the Calacatta Nuvo (which I also love but is more grey toned) so it will go with my house perfectly. I am dying for the tiles to be finished and the mirrors and basins to be installed so I get the whole look. But I can already tell it’s going to be beautiful.

In other exciting news, the kitchen joinery starts going in on Monday! I think that’s probably the most exciting part, I cannot wait to see how it looks.

Finally, the most exciting news of all – look who joined our family this week!!


This is Bessie Elizabeth Rankine-Dry (named by the kids!) and she’s a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. We are all absolutely besotted with her, even if she is  quite partial to chewing my cushions! Here we are when we picked her up on Monday…

IMG_9181IMG_9227IMG_9200Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.41.53 pm

She is the perfect combination of cheeky and cuddly, she runs around and plays with the kids when they’re home but then she will follow me around the house and snuggle up to me on the couch, which is lovely. It’s like having a baby all over again (even being woken by their crying at 5am) I know I’m biased but I think she’s the sweetest looking dog ever. Look at that face!


There is so much happening in the coming weeks so I will have plenty of updates. I’ve already started to go through the rooms and start to sort through what I’m giving away, because I am only taking things into the house that I love and use. So I have 50 something days to de-clutter and box it all up. That bit is slightly less exciting, but I just have to imagine myself on the deck on Christmas Day to know it will all be worth it. 56 days to go…

Amity x



  1. Jane says

    Gorgeous! And there’s no way Bessie will be sleeping in her bespoke “puppy palace” in the laundry! She’ll be a bed pooch for sure

  2. Siobhan says

    Amity, what colour are the cabinets paired with your Statuario Nuvo?

    We have already ordered cabinets in natural white (satin finish). Now deciding on bench. I like the SN from Caesarstone. I am just worried it might be a shade or two too dark for natural white cabinets.

    Can’t see much of your cabinets in the pictures…..wondering what colour you used?

    • Amity says

      Hi Siobhan, sorry for late approval! Our cupboards are Wattyl Chalkdust, which is the same colour as our walls and not a standard colour. It’s a creamy white. The SN does have a grey base but it’s a warmer/brown grey than the Calcutta so suited our cupboards better. If you’ve got a cleaner white you might be better with Calcutta, although looking at it now I think it would still work. Best to take samples of both and see how they look together. Go into a kitchen showroom where you can see a big piece and not just a small sample though.

      I’m posting all the finished photos next week! So hopefully that helps even more.

      • Siobhan says

        Thanks much. Yes, our white is more the brighter kind. There are a couple of Quantum Quartz finishes that might suit better than the creams and greys. They have more of a white base.

  3. Talia says

    Hi I’m thinking of getting the ceaserstone statuary nuvo but my cabinets will be a lighter white. The color of the ceaserstone looks more creamy up against it. Thoughts? U think it’ll work?

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