Hi everyone, it's been a long time between posts as the house is now finished and my biggest effort is keeping it clean - just like a typical family home! However I still receive lots of comments and questions about the house from people who are building or renovating and using it as inspiration for … [Read More...]

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Home tour video!

Hey guys. Choices Flooring came to visit and film the house for their website so I thought I'd share it here! I am still receiving lots of comments about the house and try to reply to them when I can but am about to have a very busy month with Fringe shows so if I take a while that's why. Thanks for … [Read More...]


All the final photos!

Hey guys, I haven't updated the blog for a while but continue to check on the comments you leave and try to reply to them when I can. Now the house is finished I won't be posting as much but here are … [Read More...]

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Our floor plan

I've had quite a few requests for the floor plan so here is the final version. There is honestly nothing I would change about it at this stage, it works so well! I love that the kids have their own … [Read More...]

SSH Pool

The Kitchen, ensuite and deck reveal.

Thanks so much for all the fantastic feedback you've been giving us on the blog, Facebook and Instagram, we've loved reading all your comments and are thrilled that it's inspiring people for their own … [Read More...]